How to Keep Pipes Clog Free


Your home’s drain pipes allow wastewater to flow safely into a sewer system and away from plumbing fixtures, but they can quickly become blocked with things like coffee grounds, soap scum, cooking grease, or wads of hair.

It’s important to focus on prevention. Here are a few quick and easy tips to keep your pipes clear.

If you’ve found your pipes clogged, contact an expert plumber as soon as possible by visiting this page.

Adding hair traps

Hair traps help prevent excessive amounts of hair from entering sanitary sewer lines, potentially leading to costly clogs and back-ups. These units can easily be installed and cleaned out for use.

Drain catchers also eliminate the need for expensive chemical drain cleaners, which can actually end up damaging your pipes. These devices capture hair and other potential clog-causing items from making their way into your plumbing system.

Don’t pour cooking grease down the drain

Clogging your drains by pouring cooking grease, oil, or fat down them is a surefire way to create blockages. Once solidified when they cool down, these substances form blockages on pipe interior walls and attract other debris that buildup within. 

Instead, collect used cooking oil in containers for later disposal and periodically flush your drains using hot water, baking soda, or vinegar solutions.

Use a drain snake

When clogs do occur, use a drain snake to clear it. This handled tool allows you to push into your drain to break up or chop down the blockage.

Use caution in feeding the snake into the drain while turning its handle. Do not exert too much force while doing this, as doing so may damage your pipes.

As you advance the snake into a clogged pipe, rotate its handle clockwise to grind away at any clogs that may exist. Once you notice resistance, you’ll know you’ve hit the blockage.

After unclogging is complete, run water through your drain to test whether there has been an increase in flow. If not, contact a plumber as soon as possible to avoid future issues.

Regularly flush your pipes

Regularly flushing your pipes is a great way to help prevent clogs. If you’ve had an issue in the past, consider installing an automatic flusher. This device hooks up to your existing plumbing and can be programmed to flush at regular intervals.

If a flusher isn’t feasible for you, flushing your pipes a few times each month with plain hot water from the tap can help keep them running smoothly.


Keeping your pipes clear of clogs is an important part of maintaining a healthy home plumbing system.

By following the above tips and taking the necessary precautions, you can prevent major issues from occurring in your pipes.

If you ever suspect a blockage, contact an experienced plumber as soon as possible to inspect and repair any plumbing problems. With vigilance and timely maintenance, it’s possible to keep your pipes clog-free and running smoothly. 


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