5 Growth Channels Every Realtor Should Consider in 2023


It’s true that the real estate market is now highly saturated. As a realtor, you should be on top of your game to get a good share of the market. Aside from being on the lookout for the best properties, you must also think of ways to make buyers and sellers come to them. 

Growth Channels Every Realtor Should Explore

Here are some of the growth channels waiting to be explored: 

1. Community Building on Social Platforms

It’s a given that we now live in a highly digital world. As such, interactions now happen online through various social media channels. While the goal is to make a sale, realtors must build communities and leverage each platform’s capabilities. 

Instagram, for one, features a visually rich format, making it a goldmine for realtors like you. They can easily post beautiful property photos, virtual tour snippets, and even behind-the-scene glimpses into the real estate industry. Targeting the right people is the key to getting more eyes on your property. Ads usually have features to identify audiences based on location and interests.

They can also leverage real estate Insta ads that offer state-of-the-art targeting. When you run ads, you can pinpoint the demographics and the location you plan to boost. Once you have people looking at your pages, you can start engaging them. Start by sharing insights or updates about the local market. 

Remember to keep a balanced mix of authentic engagement and strategic ad campaigns. 

2. Podcasting for Realtors

Podcasting, often dubbed the ‘radio of the 21st century’, has become one of the most consumable forms of media. Listeners can dive into topics of their choice at their leisure—during commutes, workouts, or even as a background while working. The idea behind this platform is to provide your listeners with information. They will refrain from being mere listeners once they see value in what you’re discussing. They will be more willing to see what you’re offering. In their eyes, you’re not only after the sales but actually providing value. 

The versatility of podcasting allows you to talk about real estate subjects. For example, on top of property investment tips and expert interviews, you can also discuss emerging real estate trends. Consider doing neighborhood spotlights or even stories from satisfied clients. 

3. Augmented Reality Property Showcase

The way people view properties is transforming. Augmented Reality (AR) offers potential buyers or renters a chance to tour properties from the comfort of their homes virtually. For realtors, this means showcasing properties to clients across geographical boundaries without the need for physical viewings. 

Using AR also means you can host local showings wherever your client may be. Also, you can use this technology to showcase the neighborhood. For example, you can overlay digital information onto real-world properties. You can show them development plans or historical data. 

4. Affiliate Partnerships with Local Businesses

You can offer their clients exclusive deals or discounts at local furniture stores, moving companies, or interior design services. Why consider its potential? Affiliate partnerships provide your clients with added value. They have access to services at discounted prices. You see, the goal is to give your market something of good value to them. 

5. Automated Email Marketing Sequences

Email marketing remains a good source of potential clients. Since you’re aiming to build relationships, starting a drip campaign can boost your presence. It can be time-consuming to do drip email campaigns. That’s why it’s best to automate them. 

Automated email sequences can be set up to nurture leads, provide property updates, or even share local real estate news. Don’t forget to segment your email list. Make sure your communications are always relevant and engaging.

Key Takeaways

The real estate landscape in 2023 is as dynamic as ever. Home prices and consumer preferences change. However, what stays the same is value. You want your target audience to find value in your offerings. When you give them the best user experience, you stay on top of their minds. 

  • Engage and nurture a loyal clientele on social platforms.
  • Reach a broader audience through podcasting.
  • Through augmented reality, offer immersive property viewing experiences to clients, both near and far.
  • Explore partnerships and forge strong community ties.
  • Utilize automation to deliver personalized and timely content to your audience.


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