Picking the Best Vibrators for You or a Partner: A Guide


As women, it can be a challenge to find things in the bedroom that can both spice things up and give us higher levels of pleasure.  Depending on how sensitive you are and other preferences that you’ve got, certain toys just won’t be as good as others.  It’s easy to underestimate how personalized these experiences truly are.

Exploration is a part of the process, though, which means that when we’re shopping for new toys, we should try to keep an open mind.  There are a ton of options out there, and it can be kind of hard to narrow it down if we don’t know what we’re looking for.  If you’d like some pointers on how to pick the perfect one for you or a partner, then stick around!

How Adventurous are You Feeling?

The first question you’ll want to ask yourself is this!  Maybe you’re looking to explore a new kink, or perhaps you’d rather stick with the classics – either way, there’s going to be something that suits you.  The trick is finding it.

That’s why sorting this out first is such a big deal.  When you’re scrolling through pages of vibrators, it can be almost overwhelming at first if we don’t know what filters to use.  You know your body best, though, so you will hopefully have at least a bit of an idea of what is a turn-off.

Vibrators can come in all different shapes and sizes.  Some are designed to be used for penetration while others are for the clitoris.  The choice can be quite difficult if you don’t know what sort of pleasure helps you to achieve orgasm more effectively.

Don’t be Afraid to Experiment

Whether you’re a seasoned veteran in the world of sexual pleasure or you’re just getting started on your journey, it’s important that you remember that you can be as adventurous as you want.  If you aren’t quite sure what you like just yet, try out a few different shapes, sizes, and types to help you narrow it down.

As was mentioned above, certain vibrators are made with the intent of being used for penetration, but you can really utilize them however you want.  So, even if you don’t end up liking that type of stimulation, you can still keep the toy to use otherwise.

Bullets are a pretty common type of vibe that is small, discreet, and easy to use for clitoral stimulation.  Many women experience more pleasure from stimulation there than through penetration, so that’s something worth keeping in mind if you’re looking to buy your first toy.

There are even vibes that work with a sort of suction motion, intended to simulate oral sex (at least to an extent).  These can be somewhat more difficult to use at first, but quite enjoyable, nonetheless.  The bottom line here is that you can really try anything that you want – and you don’t need to feel embarrassed about it, either.

What’s Your Style?

At first glance, it might seem strange to be talking about this in this sort of context, allow us a moment to explain.  As you can read about here, https://academic.oup.com/jsm/article-abstract/9/4/956/6886905, a lot of a woman’s sexual pleasure has to do with the atmosphere involved.  It’s part of why foreplay can be such an important part of spending the night with a partner – or even during masturbation.

Still wondering why we’re bringing this up?  Well, a lot of it comes down to the fact that vibrators come in a wide variety of colors and appearances in general.  Some are intended to look like a realistic penis, for example, while others are much more discreet.

It’ll be up to you to decide which aesthetic is sexier for you, as well as which will suit your lifestyle more.  Anyone looking to be discreet about their sexual activities, whether they’re going to be performed alone or otherwise, will probably want to opt for one of the smaller designs.

Thankfully, most stores that sell them will have a wide variety, so you will be able to find what you’re looking for no matter where you shop.  Of course, you can also mix and match to your heart’s content.

Shipping, Handling, and More

For the last bit of our shopping guide, let’s cover why shipping is a surprisingly big deal.  Chances are, you probably don’t want your whole neighborhood to know that you’ve purchased a vibrator.  Sure, there’s nothing to be ashamed of when it comes to exploring your sexual being and taking care of yourself in this manner, but it can still be embarrassing if a box arrives on your doorstep loudly declaring itself as a sex toy.

This is probably why now a lot of sellers will offer discreet packaging options.  Our advice?  Look for a retailer that offers that option.  It’ll make gifting easier, too, if that’s what you’re looking for.  A lot of the time they’ll come in a plain box or bag, both of which are lovely options for safe shipping without loud packaging.

Before we sign off, though, we’d like to make a final note about gifting a vibrator to your partner.  At times, there is some insecurity there – you may worry that the toy will end up replacing you.  However, remember that they can be used during intimate moments with your partner to enhance the overall experience.

At the end of the day, a vibrator just isn’t going to replace a loving partner.  So, that’s likely not something that needs to be a real concern.  Instead, focus on what you know she will enjoy.  Pay attention to her reactions during your sex and see what makes her toes curl.  From there, you can use that knowledge to pick a vibrator that will make the experience even better.

Although it can be difficult to select the perfect gift for ourselves or our partners, hopefully this guide has helped you even a little bit.  The exploration is definitely worth your time, at least!


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