5 Expert Tips for Using a Zero Gravity Chair


Zero gravity chairs are one of the best fixtures that will assist you in having the most relaxed hours. A zero gravity chair is entirely different in its construction and functionality from other variants of recliners. A zero gravity recliner throws the advantage of keeping your feet above your heart, thus allowing the body to be in lowered pressure. The relief of pressure will automatically pave the way for relaxation and sleep. If you own the best zero gravity chair or looking to buy one, rely on tips on using the chair as it will be an eye-opener and guide you to making use of all the features. 

Our experts from Recliner Genius have listed productive tips on using a Zero gravity chair.

Using a zero gravity chair might feel a little hard at the initial stages as it varies from a regular recliner. Ultimate care must be taken to be safe and comfortable around a zero-gravity chair. 

  • Reclining On A Zero-Gravity Chair

Zero gravity chair is different in its shape and structure from a traditional recliner. The reclining position also varies from its counterpart. A zero gravity chair will move to a zero gravity position where you will be able to raise your legs above your heart. It is to be noted that staying comfortable and calm while attaining this position is mandatory. Also, another factor that must be noted is to take it slow while you are moving to the reclined position. Even though the mechanism is built to lock up at all positions during reclining, it is better to be safe and slow while reclining on a zero-gravity chair. 

  • Inclining On A Zero Gravity Chair

Inclining a zero gravity chair is more similar to a normal chair. Moving from a reclined position to a normal position in a zero-gravity chair can be done by holding the handles. It will give you the needed balance to move to an upright position from a reclined position. 

  • Sleeping On A Zero-Gravity Chair

A zero-gravity chair can be used to sleep. As the zero gravity position acts as a tool to reduce the pressure in the body, it will help you to sleep without any disturbances. However, it must be noted that you attain the right posture. Falling asleep in the wrong posture may act as a source of back aches. As the body weight is distributed equally to all the parts of the body, it is essential that you maintain the right balance throughout the session. 

  • Recovery Assistance 

The best zero-gravity chair will be of great assistance after recovery. An athlete or a sports person can relax on a zero gravity chair post sessions. While doing this, it must be noted that the parts of your body are kept loose and comfortable. Stress must not be felt in any part of the body. If you feel a sense of discomfort at any time while sitting on a zero-gravity chair, it is advisable that you get off the chair and reoccupy it after a few minutes. 

  • Accessories 

You can add a pillow to the zero-gravity chair. Adding a pillow while sleeping will add a sense of comfort. It will also not cause any aches and pains in your neck. It is always recommended to opt-in for a flat pillow. Flat pillows will not cause any change of positions. Ensure not to keep pillows for your leg as the position of your legs is already above the position of your upper body. The further upward rise might cause issues to your body. 


A zero-gravity chair is one of the best long-term investments. Although the advanced patterns and models might be on the upper side in cost, the benefits reaped are also high. The only consideration that must be taken into account is that you use the zero gravity chair in a proper way. Using it in the wrong way will carry more negative effects than positive ones. So, grasp all the techniques thoroughly before the actual and regular usage of a zero gravity chair. This will help you to reap the benefits and make the investment worth it.



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