9 Biryani Restaurants to Introduce You to The Crazy Biryani Culture


Living in a city like Kolkata and not getting the best biryani to eat can be heartbreaking. After all, biryani is not just food, it’s a feeling. Whether it is a Saturday night, or it is some festival or it is a feast, Biryani is the first thought that comes into mind. So, if you are someone who is still hunting for places to get the best biryani, then this blog is for you. Here you will find the top 9 biryani restaurants to feed you with a tempting vibe in every bite. Scroll below to know which places with the best biryani are waiting for you right online.    


For eating biryani, you also need many spices and preparations for juicing the taste. Raita, onion salad, or even soup is some of the essentials needed to boost the taste of biryani. For this, Arsalan is the best place in Kolkata for curating a scrumptious taste in the mouth. This place offers everything from starters to main course to siders to what not. And then comes the picture in the frame with a variety of biryani available online. Savor the taste of mutton biryani, egg biryani, Lucknow mutton biryani, chicken biryani, Arsalan special biryani, Hyderabadi biryani and so much more. This is one of the best biryani restaurants offering a full-fledged non-vegetarian range to relish together.    


Not to forget! This is topping the list of biryani restaurants in Kolkata with a cluster of 7 branches all across the city. Aminia is the hotspot for a variety of non-vegetarian delicacies, particularly the chef’s special mutton biryani. Moreover, Aminia is the perfect place for budget-friendly and mind-boggling dishes. Visit any of the franchises, and you will come back with a happy face. With biryani, you can also enjoy many other mouth-watering luxury treats of mutton kebabs, chicken tikka, chicken tender kebabs, and what not.    

Dada Boudi Dhakai Biryani   

Want to experience the absolute taste of delicious biryani? Then Dada Boudi is the place for you. Amongst the many popular biryani restaurants, this is particularly one of a kind. From extremely tasty veg options of aloo biryani, and Swaad bhar veg biryani to delectable non-veg treats of chicken biryani, mutton biryani, and egg biryani, you can find everything at this place. The best part is how this place offers tasty edibles that too at a surprisingly good price.    

Kolkata Haji Biryani   

If you want to organize a party with good food, good quantity, and yet in less price, then Kolkata Haji Biryani is by your side. Place your order for an amazing treat from one of the best biryani restaurants in town without even being sick of the budget. Kolkata Haji Hotel offers everything without harming the budget and offers you delectable food at the same time. Have a look at the exotic menu full of non-veg starters, biryani, gravies and so much more. You will never be short of options when you are here.    

Haan D Biryani   

Haan D Biryani is ready to offer you excellent and unique taste in Biryani that you cannot find anywhere else. The vast range of starters like seekh kebab and tikka, and a wholesome range of mutton and chicken gravies, followed by the flawless taste of Biryani, can leave you awestruck. You will love everything that you have here. It’s safely made, safely packed and safely delivered. Enjoy every bit of it.   

India Restaurant   

This restaurant is true to its name as it serves great food to the nation. People who come to Kolkata must order once from this restaurant, for it is one of the best biryani restaurants in town. India restaurant speaks for its name as it gives the perfect blend of spices with rice to ensure a flavorful biryani. Every bite of biryani can touch your soul when you have ordered a plate from this hotspot of biryani. Also, there are numerous options of spiders and starters that can satiate your taste buds to the fullest.    

Oudh 1590   

Grab a feast from one of the best biryani restaurants that you will find in Kolkata. The biryani house serves numerous delectable choices of foods from starters to main course. Enjoy the taste of seekh kebab, shami kebab, galouti kebab, a variety of salaan, and a wholesome freshness of biryani that melts in your mouth. The authenticity and flavor of every food elevates the taste buds and takes you deep into the food culture of Awadh.    

The Biryani Wala   

From Indian to American to Italian to Western, the Biryani wala is simply the best way to spot exclusive biryani flavors in town. Its exquisite chicken snacks are the best remedy to treat a whole day. However, your efforts will feel more fruitful when you take the bites of biryani from this place. The uniqueness of the menu in a variety of foods like chicken tikka biryani, mutton biryani, smokey grilled chicken biryani, paneer biryani, keema biryani, etc., makes it all worth a try.    

Delisha Biryani House   

This delicious house of biryani is the place for unique starters, curry, salan, and biryani. So, if you are looking for biryani restaurants that give you a different and flavorful taste, then you can trust Delisha. Experience the phenomenal taste with wholesome Delisha’s special combinations of biryani. And the main course here is equally worthy of drooling for.    

These are all the mouth-watering delicacies of biryani that you can find right online. From ordinary to extraordinary, from authentic mutton biryani to unique chicken tikka biryani, these places can serve you with everything. To enjoy these, you should head directly to Swiggy. This online platform is home to top-notch biryani restaurants that serve you with a great treat right at your place. Whether you are planning a biryani feast or you want a whole bowl only for you, you can get everything at Swiggy without any traveling efforts. So, do not worry anymore and log in directly on to the official website. You will get your biryani treat straight away.    


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