Kissed by the sun with the azure waters of the Mediterranean washing its shores – Greece is a land steeped in legends, hiding its ancient civilization amidst the whitewashed architecture. Apart from the scenic backdrop and storied lands, this offers a summertime haven for luxury seekers. Probably one of the most cosmopolitan Greek islands – Mykonos is known for its vibrant party nights, Cycladic beaches, luxury vacations, and delicious picks in local tavernas. 

For the record, this speck amidst the Aegean Sea is categorically known for its inventory of private villas. This idyllic islet attracts heads globally, from Hollywood A-listers to semi-anonymous European billionaires. So, if you wish to enjoy a luxury vacation in this enamoring Greek spot, you are on the right page. 

What do luxury villas in Mykonos offer you? 

Mykonos is the hub of luxury villas. If you browse through the available options, especially for a summer vacay booking, you will see most of the villa rentals embrace the isle’s organic architecture that includes whitewashed houses with colorful shutters. Let’s see what you can get in terms of luxury vacations – 

  • Villa Chora

With an area of 277 square meters, this villa atelier rental can host up to 10 guests offering 5 bedrooms with an attached bathroom option. If you are staying for 3 nights, the rates start from 2,200 euros, and it goes up to 4,200 euros for 6 nights. 

Villa Chora is ideally located at a distance of 4 kms from the international airport, thereby ensuring minimal travel. It is a 2-level boutique property with an outdoor and specified entrance area. To enhance your luxurious stay, this property is backed up by a breakfast bar, a fully equipped kitchen, built-in loungers, a pergola, and an infinity pool.

Kickstart your morning with the breathtaking views of this island and enjoy your nights partying against the setting sun! 

  • Villa Edge 

One of the biggest available villas, this has 8 bedrooms with attached bathrooms that can house up to 16 guests. As for the stay time, it could range from 3 nights to 7 nights, with approximately 3000 euros to a little over 6000 euros. This 3-layer property has an outdoor area, entrance area, and lower floor. 

Additionally, for your stay time – Villa Edge will offer a range of complimentary services – that includes – changing of linen and towels, housekeeping support, guest support, beach club restaurants and reservations, and airport pickup-drop. 

What’s more? If you are looking for additional services, you can always check out the offered boat trips, tailored cuisines from in-house chefs, private vehicles, a massage center, and security benefits.

  • Villa Maristella

Located in the middle of Mykonos town, Villa Maristella can host upto 12 guests in its 322 square meter area with its 6-bedroom-attached bathroom set-up. This villa is rented out for a minimum of 7 nights with the costs ranging between 1000 euros to 3000 euros. 

This villa offers a 2-level format, with outdoor and entrance areas and a guest house. With an open living room, pool, fully-equipped kitchen, master kids’ bedroom, pergola, and lounge area. There are a host of amenities available for this villa that, includes – a BBQ, a garden area, and free WiFi, to name a few. 

When you looking to explore this globally reckoned islet – without a doubt these are some of the luxury rental options that you can vouch for.

Do you have other alternatives? 

Are you looking to explore the other facets of this idyllic island apart from Mykonos? In that case – the areas of Santorini, Crete, Corfu, Rhodes, Zakynthos, and Kos are gems of the treasure trove that you can tick off from your bucket list. 

If you are looking for an average – then during peak times, the flight prices range from – $600-$1200/per person. Regarding the hotel prices (if you are opting for standard hotels) – the price ranges between $100-$400/per night. Added to that are the costs of food and sightseeing – that could rate from $30 – $70 or more! Therefore, if you are looking for budget-friendly Greek holidays, these are the sites you may visit and ensure you have the dollars in your pocket! 

Summer is the time in Greece! 

Have no doubt! The sweltering summer is the best time to visit this Balkan nation. Being one of the most-visited seasons, the flight and ferry schedules are available – and most of the shops and the party sites are in full bloom! With the Meltemi blowing through the afternoons, followed by a gust of cool azure breeze – rest assured, you will have the most memorable summer vacation of your life! 

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