How to choose an off-road caravan? – Australia


In Australia, the growth of caravans has been majestic, with 141,199 caravans being added in the last 5 years. 

Though so many people invested in caravans, the choice wasn’t easy. Especially when it comes to off-road caravans, you need to pick something sturdy and impact-proof. 

The wide range and styles of so many caravans make it easy to get confused. But worry not, because this article will give you a detailed guide on choosing an off-road caravan. So let’s get started!

  1. The chassis must be strong

The chassis of a caravan is essentially its backbone. It’s the support on which the entire caravan stands, so it’s needless to say that choosing the right chassis is extremely important. 

When going on off-road trips, you need to ensure that your caravan is secured with strong support. 

If the chassis is strong, then you’ll have a safe ride every time, and your caravan won’t get affected by bumpy roads. 

A good chassis will be made of sturdy steel rails and aluminum crosses. It should also reduce the overall pressure that the caravan exerts on it.

  1. The suspension system should be good

When it comes to the suspension system, you need to pay special attention to it. The best off-road caravan has a specifically designed suspension system that adheres to off-road terrains. 

Regular caravans with leaf suspension systems can also work well but won’t hold up the caravan in rugged areas. 

Ideally, you must choose an independent system that can bear appropriate shocks. 

Independent suspension systems allow the wheels to move independently. This way, you won’t feel too bumpy even when you’re driving down a challenging path.

  1. The basic amenities must be there

In any caravan, the basic amenities are a must. Of course, most of these amenities, like solar power and bathrooms, will depend on your budget, but off-road caravans need to have a huge battery inserted. 

This is because when you go to a remote place for a holiday, you must ensure that basic facilities are still available. 

For example, your caravan should have strong solar panels to harness electricity, and the water supply should also be adequate about 190 liters. 

Many caravan manufacturers also provide split water storage systems to keep a steady supply of freshwater.

  1. The tires should be appropriate 

This is quite an obvious point, but it still bears repeating. Any good-quality off-road caravan must have tires that are specially designed for that purpose. 

You can’t drive a regular caravan on uneven soil because the tires can get punctured at any time and cause a whole lot of trouble. 

Moreover, you should also pay attention to the quality of the off-road caravan tires. These are generally bigger than on-road caravan tires and provide a better grip. They also have more sidewall protection which ensures better performance and longevity.

  1. The caravan weight is important

In general, off-road caravans are heavier than regular ones. This is because if you drive a lighter caravan on rough surfaces, it will bounce and may even get damaged. 

So you must choose a heavy towing vehicle that can support your caravan properly and give you a good experience. 

Here again, the weight of an off-road caravan will depend on the installed inside features. 

For example, the overall weight will automatically increase if the beds are bigger and stronger. So keep in mind the average weight of these caravans and then make a choice.

  1. The roof should be maintained 

While every part of a caravan is important, the roof is often ignored. So while you choose an off-road caravan, remember to take care of the roof and its quality. 

If you get a caravan with poor roofing, you might be exposed to weather extremities if the roof collapses. Additionally, a sudden collapse can also injure anyone staying inside the caravan. 

Therefore, the roof has to be made of high-grade materials that can withstand extreme heat, cold, or rain. You can cover the roof with a good waterproof cover cloth whenever your caravan is parked.

Over to you

These are just a few considerations you must make when choosing an off-road caravan. So once you have these criteria in mind, the purchase becomes much easier!


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