8 Smart Devices You Never Thought to Add to Your Smart Home


You love automating your home with smart technology, but after buying a smart thermostat, smart speaker and smart doorbell, you aren’t sure what else you can upgrade to improve your living spaces. Fortunately, we have some ideas. Here is the most underrated smart tech that you need in your home today.

Smart Lightbulbs

The perfect level of illumination will change depending on the time of day, your activity, your mood and so much more. Fortunately, with smart lightbulbs, you can create the perfect lightscape in your home with a few simple settings. Smart lightbulbs are often programmable for intensity, warmth and color. Because they connect to your smart home hub, you can set different light programs for your lightbulbs to adjust to your needs in the moment.

Smart Faucet

Often, when you most need a faucet to turn on, you are not in the right state to touch it. Perhaps your hands are dirty or you are holding something heavy — at which point you would benefit from a smart faucet. These gadgets simply turn on and off via voice command, and they can be told to dispense a specific amount of water, preventing unnecessary waste.

Smart Ceiling Fan

The ceiling fan is among the most underrated home fixtures, considering that it can radically reduce your energy bill while increasing your comfort year-round. However, ceiling fans are only effective when there is someone in the room to feel their air circulation. Thus, it is a good idea to install a smart ceiling fan, which you can control via your smart hub. By connecting your ceiling fan to your smart home, you can program the fan to turn on when you are home and off when you are away, saving the most possible energy.

Smart Lawn Mower

No one enjoys mowing the lawn — which is why the chore is so often allocated to kids and teens. Yet, with a smart lawn mower on your smart home system, you never have to worry about mowing the lawn again. Smart lawn mowers live on a dock until they are scheduled to mow, at which point they follow a programmed path around your lawn. Some models will collect and deposit grass clippings in a bin that you need to empty, but that is a small price to pay for a perfectly mown lawn.

Smart Plant Pots

You love the look of living plants around your home — but you hate trying to remember how much water every plant needs. Fortunately, you don’t need the greenest thumb if you have smart plant containers. These pots will automatically dispense the right amount of water to keep your plant healthy. When the pot is running out of water, they will alert you through your smart home system.

Smart Pet Feeder

You love your furry friends more than you can express, but that doesn’t mean you are always around to keep their food and water bowls full. You can ensure that your four-legged children have what they need with smart pet feeders, which fill their bowls with the right-sized serving on a schedule set by you. Some pet feeders have cameras that allow you to check on your pets, and others can allow you to remotely toss your pets a treat when they are being good.

Smart Smoke Detector

When you are at home, you definitely need smoke alarms to tell you when there is a potential fire. But, when you are away from home, you might also like to know if your possessions are going up in smoke. A smart smoke and carbon monoxide detector will send you alerts about your home regardless of where you are, so you can know for certain that your stuff is safe.

Smart Outlets

There are many benefits to buying complete smart gadgets. Often, designers of smart tech know to integrate a deep level of customizability and controllability, so you can create the home environment that fits you perfectly. However, with smart outlets, you can turn any electronic into a rudimentary smart tool. Smart outlets will connect to your smart home hub and allow you to turn any plugged-in device on or off, giving you more power over your energy expenditure, regardless of where you are in the world.

No two homes have exactly the same needs, which is why you need to carefully curate the gadgets connected to your smart home. With some of the above underrated smart tech tools, you can get a few steps closer to your ideal smart environment.


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