ATT My Results Login Method, Access, and Sales Dashboard

ATT My Results keeps you connected

ATT stands for American Telephone and Telegraph Co. It was founded as a legal telecom corporation in 1874. The organization was initially started as the only Bell Patent Association to obtain patent rights for Alexander Graham Bell, the man who invented the telephone. However, ATT My Results is used to check AT&T services such as AT&T Media Net.

ATT My Results

Apart from the telecom services that the company provided during its initial years, it also has a job success and evaluation application. This app is named ATT My Results.

Known as one of the healthiest organizations for any employee, this app enables ATT employees to track their success and job performance. This app also enables employees to measure the success of their marketing initiatives daily.

Apart from AT&T Media Net and ATT My Results, the corporation also has an AT&T HR Access portal. This portal houses a database of all past and current employees of the organization.

It also allows access to employees from any location of their choice. They can access information related to themselves and the business from this portal.

History and Origin of ATT

As mentioned earlier too, ATT stands for American Telephone and Telegraph Co. It is a major American brand that offers telephonic services to its customers and many other telecommunication services.

Founded in 1874, this company pioneered setting up America’s local and long-distance telephone networks. With relentless effort and hard work, the company has become the benchmark for all telecommunication companies worldwide.

ATT is also the world’s largest corporation dealing in telecommunications. However, in 1996, the parent company split into three different smaller companies, one of which eventually became ATT Myresults.

Telephone new and old

ATT and The Bell Connection

Many people often wonder about the exact reason behind ATT being connected to Alexander Graham Bell. Well, the connection goes way back to 1874. This was the year Bell started applying for patents for his invented telephone.

Around 1876, Bell also made a novel attempt at transmitting intelligible speech through the wire. By now, Bell had also obtained patent rights for the telephone. After this, in 1877, Bell and a few other investors founded the Bell Telephone Company.

Due to the presence of Alexander Graham Bell in the company, it was always one of the top competitors in takeover races. Eventually, Bell retired and handed over the company’s reins to other investors. After years, once the patent on the telephone expired in 1894, the company was gradually revamped into The American Telephone and Telegraph Company.

ATT my results dashboard

As mentioned earlier, ATT My Results is a media developer. It specializes in local and long-distance telephone connections, wireless connections, broadband, and internet services.

Coming to the dashboard provides employees and corporate users of ATT My Results with a one-stop solution. This is where employees and corporate users can look up all company services. The dashboard also enables them to monitor and track the performance of various services on this singular platform.

Apart from this dashboard, employees have the ATT My Results app to evaluate and monitor their development and growth in the organization. This app also enables them to track the efficiency of marketing activities undertaken by employees and the company.

However, the ATT dashboard can have a few flaws of its own. Some of the issues employees face while using the dashboard are primarily due to power outages, internet connectivity issues, and mail errors. The dashboard often needs help with delays in response from the support team.

However, the company and its officials have been working day in and day out to improve these nitty gritty and ensure the smooth functioning of the dashboard.

AT&T activate

To log into the sales dashboard and the app, the individual must have access to AT&T HR Access Portal. The good news for the employees is that access continues for all employees, including those suspended, on leave of absence, and so on.

So, once you have access to the HR portal, you need to follow the below-mentioned steps for logging in:

Step 1

Visit the URL “” to see the dashboard for login.

Step 2

Choose an option for your employment status: Active, Non-Management, Former, or Dependent.

Step 3

Then click on the button that says “Log In” at the bottom of each option.

Step 4

The website will then redirect to

Step 5

On this new page, you will notice a “Global Login” button. This option will allow you to select the method or option you wish to use to log in.

Step 6

You will be provided with the following options:

  • Mobile Key: This can be used by all employees and contractors of ATT. This enables access to Single Sign-On for the HR Access platform. Also, this functionality is available only on Apple and Android devices owned by the company.
  • MIPS Token: This is the most robust way of authentication and complies with the authentication standards of the United States Department of Homeland Security.
  • SafeNet Token: This token is shared with B2B or corporate customers. This key enables them to access Threat Management System and ATT Internet Protect.
  • RSA Secure ID Token: This ID enables you to generate a passcode comprising eight digits and helps you access the ATT HR Access communication network. Also, it is available only for internal employees.

Step 7

After selecting the preferred login option, you must fill in your user ID and password.

Step 8

Under the ID and password fields, you can check on a box named “Remember Me.” You can click on the same to ensure that the device will remember your credentials whenever you try to log in the future.

Step 9

If you forget your password, there is no need to worry. You can click “Forgot Password” and reset your new password seamlessly within minutes.

Step 10

Once you have entered your credentials (User ID and Password), click the login button, and you will be taken directly to the Sales Dashboard.

The procedure to log in is as easy as a cakewalk. However, it would help if you remember your basic credentials. This will ensure speedy login without any interruptions.

As you must have noticed in the steps mentioned above, there is no need to worry even if you forget your password. You need to reset the password, and the process for it is straightforward.

ATT My Results Login experience

As mentioned earlier, most employees and corporate customers face issues while logging into the sales dashboard. Hence, it is important to be mindful of a few points that can help you minimize the chances of error.

Here are the steps you can follow:

Step 1

From the drop-down, choose the login option that you prefer the most.

Step 2

After that, put in all the required details.

Step 3

You can also choose to check the field named “Remember Me” to avoid entering your login credentials every time in the future.

Step 4

Shut the browser.

This is helpful and enhances your login experience because it eliminates the process of filling in login details every time. However, please don’t think that by choosing “Remember Me,” you share any personal or confidential information on the platform.

You are only instructing the portal to remember your login details to avoid the manual task of typing it down.

Features of ATT My Results Login

Now that you have almost all the necessary information about ATT My Results and the login process, it’s time to tell you about some platform features.

Flexibility to modify or view Wi-Fi name & password

You can view or edit the name and password of your Wi-Fi device simply by visiting the smart home manager. Here are the steps you need to follow:

  • Click on the option of peacock on the intelligent home manager
  • Choose the network. You will then get the option to modify the name and password of the device.

Manage the devices connected to your Wi-Fi

Herein, you can find out which devices use your ATT My Results connection. All you need to do is visit the smart manager and select the network you are using.

Connect to the device that is already connected. This will show you the complete list of devices using your Wi-Fi connection. You will have the option to turn off a y device you want right there.

Control Internet Access

Herein, you get the option to define the ideal internet speed you would want. Also, you can find out the maximum limit of your internet speed.

Check Data Usage for Each Device

This point is self-explanatory. ATT allows you to view the usage of each device that is connected to your Wi-Fi device. This will help you ensure that internet usage is consistent across all your users. Also, you can set limits for internet usage as well.

Not only does this feature allow you to save bandwidth, but it also ensures that all devices get consistent and uniform connectivity.

Check & Pay ATT Bill Online

You can also view your bill by logging into the My Results ATT portal. Not just this, you can make your bill payments right then and there using any online payment option that suits you. This seamless experience enables you to refer to the bills and complete the consequent payments.

Send Business Mails

To make the portal as user-friendly as possible, you also have the option of generating business-related emails. Also, you can save important documents here and share them with anyone you want using the “Share” option.

Some other features include free antivirus and a spam filter. You can also send emails comprising heavy files (up to 25MB).

Apart from all the above-mentioned strengths of ATT, you can also share your feedback about the dashboard any time you want. This includes all users of the dashboard, i.e., employees and corporate customers.

Not only do you get the best-in-class security, but you also get many other features that ensure maximum broadband speed. Of course, this drives your employees to be more productive at work and do their tasks faster.

Most importantly, the seamless experience on the dashboard is simply priceless for any and every corporate employee. It helps you save time, get detailed reports as required, and make your life easier.

Now that you are equipped with all vital information related to ATT my results, it’s time to discuss it with your team and onboard it as your network service partner!


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