Steven Crowder Net Worth: A Glimpse Into The Commentator

Steven Crowder Net Worth

Have you ever heard of Steven Crowder? This political commentator has been making waves online with his fiery opinions. Love him or hate him, he’s certainly a polarizing figure in today’s media landscape. In this article, we will talk about Steven Crowder Net Worth, his career, and many more. So buckle up and get ready to dive into the world of Steven Crowder!

Who Is Steven Crowder?

Born in 1987, Steven Crowder was raised in a Christian household. Crowder was homeschooled in his childhood. He developed a talent for singing and songwriting. He also built an interest in politics and current events at a young age. Later, Steven began performing satirical comedy skits with his siblings and friends.

Steven Crowder Net Worth

Steven attended a Christian college. There he continued to perform and develop his comedic and political voice. Besides, he became involved in conservative activism by joining organizations such as the Young Republicans and Young America’s Foundation. In 2009, Steven began hosting his own internet radio show.  Later it evolved into the popular YouTube series “Louder with Crowder.”

Steven Crowder Short Bio

Name Steven Blake Crowder
Profession Commentator, Comedian and Media Host
Date of Birth 7 July 1987
Age 35 years old
Height 188 cm (6 feet 2 inches)
Weight 80 kg (176 lbs)
Birthplace Detroit, Michigan, United States
Nationality American, Canadian
Spouse Hilary Crowder

What Is Steven Crowder Net Worth?

As of 2023, Steven Crowder’s net worth is at $20 million. His income sources include his work as a conservative political commentator, comedian, actor, and media personality. One of Crowder’s primary sources of income is his YouTube channel, “Louder with Crowder”. In addition, he makes money by selling merchandise and receiving sponsorships. Besides, he has also appeared on television and radio programs.Lets find the details

Early Career

In his early teens, Crowder began to pursue a career in entertainment. He  performed stand-up comedy at local clubs and events. He also landed small acting roles in television shows and movies, including a role in the popular children’s show “Arthur” and the movie “Two Little Indians.”

Steven Crowder Net Worth

Crowder first gained attention as a comedian when he was just 17 years old after he won a comedy contest in Michigan. He then went on to perform as a stand-up comedian, appearing on various shows. Steven appeared in  “The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson” as well as “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.”

In 2009, Crowder joined Fox News as a contributor, and he quickly gained a reputation for his outspoken conservative views. He was a regular guest on shows such as “Hannity” and “Fox & Friends,”. Steven also appeared on various other news networks as a political commentator.

Lowder With Crowder

In 2009, Steven Crowder started his YouTube talk show “Louder with Crowder”. The show features a mix of political commentary as well as comedy sketches. It also has interviews with guests. The show has been a significant contributor to Steven’s net worth.

His YouTube channel is One of the main sources of income for Steven. It  has over 5 million subscribers and generates millions of views per month. As YouTube pays creators based on their views and engagement, Crowder’s channel has been very successful in generating revenue. He reportedly generates sound $80K monthly revenue on average through his channel.

In addition to his YouTube channel, Crowder also earns income from his merchandise sales. He sells a variety of merchandise on his website, including t-shirts, hats, mugs, and other items featuring his branding.

Again in 2017, Steven launched “Louder with Crowder,” on CRTV. It’s a conservative streaming service. In 2018, CRTV merged with TheBlaze, a media company owned by Glenn Beck. However, in December 2023, Crowder announced that his show would be departing from TheBlaze.

Also, Crowder’s “Change My Mind,” a recurring segment, has been another source of income for him. The series has garnered millions of views on YouTube. And Crowder has been able to capitalize on its popularity by selling merchandise related to the series.

Film Career

This famous YouTuber has also dabbled into acting besides being a political commentator and comedian. He has appeared in a number of films and TV shows. He starred in “To Save a Life” and “The Secret”. Steven also acted in  “2 Broke Girls.”

Personal Life

Crowder married Hilary Crowder in August 2012. The couple has been together for over a decade, and they have one daughter. They do not share photos of her on social media and  keep their daughter’s identity private.

In 2019, Crowder revealed that he had been diagnosed with a heart condition known as supraventricular tachycardia (SVT). SVT causes a rapid heartbeat. He underwent successful heart surgery to treat the condition. He has since returned to work.

Controversies surrounding him

Over the years, this YouTuber faced so many controversies because of his comments. Back in 2019, he criticized Vox journalist Carlos Maza in a series of videos, claiming “Maza is openly gay.” Crowder not only used homophobic slurs but also made derogatory comments about his ethnicity. Maza shared the video clips on Twitter and responded. It caused a public backlash against Crowder. As a result, people called for YouTube to demonetize his channel. YouTube ultimately decided not to demonetize Crowder’s channel. However, they removed some of his videos for violating its policies.

Another controversy occurred in 2018. He was accused of plagiarizing a segment on his show. The segment about the differences between socialism and capitalism. But the PBS series “Crash Course” produced a segment on the same topic several years earlier. And Crowder’s segment was found to be nearly identical. Initially, Crowder denied the allegations. However, later he apologized and removed the segment from his show.

Then again, Crowder has been criticized for spreading misinformation as well as promoting conspiracy theories. He has made false claims about topics such as climate change and the COVID-19 pandemic. Besides, he has been accused of promoting far-right extremism and white nationalism.

His YouTube channel has been demonetized twice- in 2019 and 2020. It was suspended again in October 2022 for two weeks. This time for violating YouTube’s policy on harassment and cyberbullying. Despite these suspensions, he continues to have a large following on social media. He keeps on discussing a range of political and cultural issues from a conservative perspective.


Who is the host of “Louder with Crowder”?

It’s Steven Crowder who hosts the “Louder With Crowder” show. He is the owner of the youtube channel with the same name.

How old is Steven Crowder?

As of 2023, Steven Crowder is 35 years old.

Is Steven Crowder married?

Yes.  Steven Crowder married Hilary Crowder in 2012.

Final Thoughts

Overall, Steven Crowder made progress in his career as a political commentator and media personality. His commitment to free speech has earned him a devoted following and widespread admiration. Whether you agree with his views or not, there is no denying that Crowder brings talent and dedication to his work. Steven Crowder net worth not only proves his hard work but also his popularity. It is clear that he will continue to be a prominent figure in the media world for years to come.


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