Pieck Finger Titan Character, Story, Relationships, and More

Pieck Finger

Pieck Finger, also known as the Cart Titan, is a complex and intriguing character in the popular anime and manga series Attack on Titan.

As a member of the Eldian Unit, this short young woman has played a crucial role in the ongoing war between Marley and Paradis Island, often fighting alongside her fellow Warriors in the heat of battle. But what lies beneath her stoic exterior and seemingly emotionless demeanor?

In this character analysis, we delve deep into the mind of Pieck Finger, examining her abilities, weaknesses, and appearance. We explore her past experiences, from her time-fighting in the war to her traumatic loss of her close friend Bertolt during the Battle of Shiganshina District.

After reading, you will better understand her character and the role she plays in the larger story. Join us on this journey to uncover the true nature of one of Attack on Titan’s most fascinating characters.

Pieck Finger Character

Pieck’s history in the series is one of conflict and struggle, as she fights for her country and people while facing betrayal and loss.

She participated in the Eldian Unit’s campaigns during the Marley-Mid East War and the Paradis Island Operation. She later fought against the Rumbling, an event in which her closest comrades were lost.

Throughout the series, Pieck Finger is shown to be a strategic thinker and a skilled warrior, often using her Cart Titan’s unique abilities to outmaneuver her opponents.

Her story also explores the complexities of being an Eldian in a world that hates and fears them. Despite being forced to serve the Marleyan military, Pieck remains loyal to her people and works towards a better future for them.

Her character development shows the audience how war and conflict can affect even the most steadfast individuals and how perseverance and loyalty can overcome even the most significant obstacles.


Pieck Finger is characterized by her short, dark hair and dark eyes. She is also known for her long, thin fingers, which are a nod to her name. As a member of the Warrior Unit, she wears a standard Marleyan soldier uniform, but her Titan form is unique.

The Cart Titan is quadrupedal, with a long, flexible spine that allows it to carry cargo and weapons on its back. Pieck’s Titan form is also covered in thick, armored plates, making it one of the most durable Titans on the battlefield.

Despite her tough exterior, Pieck is known for her calm and collected demeanor, often acting as a voice of reason among her fellow Warriors.

Pieck Finger

Strengths of Pieck Finger Titan

Pieck’s unique abilities make her a versatile asset in battle and one of the most formidable Titans in the Attack on Titan series. Here are some of her critical abilities:

1. Endurance and Stamina

She has incredible endurance and stamina, allowing Pieck to maintain her Titan form for extended periods. This makes her an asset in long battles where other Titans may tire out.

2. Intelligence

She is a skilled strategist who can think on her feet, making quick decisions in battle. Her intelligence also allows her to analyze situations and develop unique solutions.

3. Marksmanship

Pieck is an expert marksman and can use her Titan form as a mobile artillery unit. She can use her Titan’s precision to accurately target enemies from long distances, making her an asset in long-range battles.

4. Flexibility

Her Titan form has an incredibly flexible spine, allowing her to bend and contort her body in ways other Titans cannot. This makes her more difficult to hit in battle and allows her to move unexpectedly.

Weaknesses of Pieck Finger Titan

Despite being a skilled soldier and strategist, she also has some weaknesses that make her vulnerable in certain situations. Here are some of her weaknesses:

1. Physical limitations

She is an intelligent strategist, but Pieck has some physical limitations that can hinder her abilities. She has a slim build, which makes her vulnerable to attacks and injuries.

2. Overconfidence

She has shown to be overconfident at times, which can lead her to underestimate her opponents. This overconfidence can be a liability in battle.

3. Emotional vulnerability

Pieck has shown to be emotionally vulnerable, particularly regarding her loyalty towards her comrades. This emotional attachment can make her hesitant to act when necessary.

4. Dependence on the Cart Titan

Her abilities as a soldier are heavily dependent on her Cart Titan form, which can be a weakness if she cannot access it.


She has complex relationships with various characters in the series. Here are some of her significant relationships:

1. Zeke Yeager

Zeke and Pieck share a close bond as they belong to the same warrior unit. They have a good working relationship and trust each other. Pieck also knows Zeke’s secret plan to euthanize all Eldians and supports him.

2. Reiner Braun

They both have a professional relationship and work together in the Marleyan military. They also share a mutual respect’s abilities and skills.

3. Porco Galliard

They work together on missions. However, their relationship is closer than her relationship with Zeke or Reiner.

4. Gabi Braun

Pieck initially sees Gabi as a naive and inexperienced soldier. Still, after Gabi saves her life during the Marleyan military’s attack on Paradis, she starts to see Gabi’s potential and offers to teach her tactics and strategies.

5. Eren Yeager

Pieck and Eren are on opposing sides, with Pieck fighting for Marley and Eren fighting for Paradis. They meet during the battle of Liberio, where Eren destroys the Marleyan military’s fleet. Although they don’t interact much, Eren recognizes Pieck’s skills and strength as a warrior.

Pieck Finger Relationships

Pieck Finger Hentai

Pieck Finger hentai is adult content that promotes the sexualization of the fictional character. You look for this on various online websites, but it is strictly for adults.

Also, the hentai version is popular because the Pieck Finger figure is highly detailed and accurately represents the character’s appearance and features. It is a sought-after item for series fans and collectors of anime merchandise but stimulates sexual desires in a particular audience.

Pieck Finger Fanart

Fanart can include drawings, digital art, paintings, and other creative works that depict her in various poses or scenarios. There are many websites and social media platforms where you can find Pieck Finger fanart, including DeviantArt, Tumblr, and Instagram.

Additionally, you can find high-quality Pieck Finger wallpaper on websites like Wallpaper Abyss and Wallpaper Safari, which feature various options for desktop and mobile devices.

These wallpapers often feature stunning images of her in action or with other characters from the series, making them a popular choice among fans.

Pieck Finger Cosplay

Cosplay involves dressing up as a fictional character and mimicking their mannerisms and behavior. Pieck’s unique appearance and personality make her a popular choice for cosplay enthusiasts.

You can find inspiration for Pieck Finger cosplay by watching the Attack on Titan anime, reading the manga, or searching for images online. You can also purchase ready-made cosplay costumes and accessories from various online retailers or create their custom cosplay outfits.

In addition to cosplay, you can also find Pieck Finger body pillows online. These pillows feature Pieck’s character design and are popular among those who want to cuddle with their favorite character.

What Is So Special About Pieck Finger Episode 16?

Episode 16 of Attack on Titan’s fourth and final season, “Above and Below,” is a crucial moment for Pieck Finger, one of the show’s most enigmatic and intriguing characters. In this episode, Pieck reveals herself as the Cart Titan, a mighty Titan capable of carrying heavy loads and sprinting at high speeds.

But what makes this episode unique for Pieck is the emotional depth it gives her character. For the first time, we see Pieck confront her mortality and grapple with the consequences of her choices. As she and her fellow Warriors fight to escape the Marleyan army, Pieck is injured and left to fend for herself in a dangerous underground tunnel.

Here, we see Pieck’s vulnerability and fear as she contemplates death and reflects on her relationships with her comrades. This is a far cry from the stoic, almost detached persona Pieck typically projects. Through her inner monologue, we see her as a complex, multi-dimensional character with fears, doubts, and regrets.

Episode 16 also marks a turning point for Pieck’s relationship with her former enemy, Eldian soldier Gabi Braun. The two are forced to work together to survive, and through their interactions, we see a glimmer of empathy and understanding emerge.

The episode is a standout moment for her, revealing new layers to her character and setting the stage for even more dramatic developments.

Pieck Finger

Final Thoughts

Pieck Finger is a complex character that adds depth and intrigue to the Attack on Titan series. Her strategic mind, agility, and ability to transform into the Cart Titan make her an asset to the Marleyan military.

She represents the multifaceted nature of human beings, capable of both good and evil, and the inner conflict that can arise when these two sides clash.

Her character serves as a reminder that even in a world filled with Titans and other supernatural beings, fascinating stories often come from the struggles and complexities of the human characters.

Pieck Finger’s journey is far from over, and we eagerly await to see how her story unfolds in the remaining episodes of the final season.


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