How Can EMDR Therapy End Trauma and Chronic Pain?


Contrary to what movies show about life, it is like a rollercoaster. You go up smoothly and rush down swiftly, feeling like it’s the end, but then it goes again and again. In other words, your decisions may not always bear a positive outcome, and your relationships may not always have a happy ending. Some days, breathing will be hard, while others will be full of laughter. And, like that, you experience life. 

However, certain instances in your life overshadow the little episodes of happiness, making you feel a never-ending pain for a long time. That’s the case with Trauma.

***If you or anyone you know is traumatized by any life event, a licensed hypnotherapist can help you overcome it. Help is available; please take care of yourself.

Trauma Takes Away Your Chance to Feel Happy Again

When bad things happen, fear overpowers your ability to think positively. It traps you into a never-escapable shell while constantly making you feel the same pain. It takes away your chance to look at similar situations with an optimistic lens and instills a feeling of pessimism and uncertainty in you. Troubles are a part of life. You can not avoid life’s challenges simply by switching off yourself. If we could, humans worldwide would be in happy places. 

Nevertheless, every darkest hour of the night ends with a bright day. Therefore, you must overcome the pain and welcome new experiences and opportunities. Don’t be afraid; you are not alone. We are there with you.

Emotional and Psychological Trauma– In General

Emotional and psychological traumas result from stressful events that hinder your power to communicate, feel secure, and trust somebody. Traumatic events make you feel helpless and alienated in a crowd, whether it is the loss of loved ones to death, violent instances, life-threatening disease, or accident. You may feel insecure while making decisions and always hesitate to build relationships. 

People can experience Trauma at any age, but studies have shown that childhood trauma has the most severe and long-lasting effects on an individual. It impacts your whole life, making you feel unsafe about people and situations. Therefore, it is crucial to find a solution to emotional and psychological Trauma as early as possible.

EMDR Therapy For Trauma and Chronic Pain Conditions

Individuals need to take adequate steps to overcome the pain, trust people and connect with others to live a wholesome life. There are many ways to approach Trauma and chronic pain conditions, such as:

  • Practicing Mindfulness

  • Reconnecting with friends and family

  • Eating a balanced diet and doing exercise

  • Having a Good sleep etc.

Recovering from Trauma can take months or even years. So, if it has been months and nothing from exercise to meditation is working out for you, you probably need to shift to Professional therapy like EMDR therapy. 

What is EMDR Therapy?

A common question we are often asked!

EMDR therapy is a focused and phased psychotherapy that helps heal and overcome the symptoms of emotional and psychological distress. It uses the brain’s natural healing powers to find an adaptive resolution.

Working with EMDR Therapy

To understand the working of EMDR therapy, first, it’s essential to understand the basics. 

How do our brains store our life experiences? 

In the form of memories, correct? The similar is the case with pain and Trauma. When you experience a dreadful event that gives you a lot of pain, your brain stores it as part of memory (procedural memory). Procedural memory refers to anything from tying your shoelaces to riding a bicycle, which you have learned over time. Once you have learned it, you need not think about it again, as your brain will function on autopilot mode.

Now, imagine an instance that gives you excruciating pain, and every time you face similar instances, you begin to feel stress, breathing issues, and even pain. But why does our brain want to remember pain? By doing so, the brain avoids situations and actions that could threaten your emotional and psychological balance. In simple words, it is your brain’s way of self-protection. However, the brain’s response is not always correct and may even result in false alarms. This misinterpretation of a threat due to an experience can take away precious chances from your life. Therefore, it is crucial to heal chronic pain and Trauma with effective therapy.

EMDR Therapy Helps Clients Reclaim Their Life!

EMDR Therapy helps a client with a history of Trauma and chronic pain to relearn the art and science of listening to their body safely and slowly. Your therapist will assist you in building self-care routines and practicing mindfulness as a tool to overcome distressing situations. During the therapy, your therapist will also learn to target crucial pain points and help you reclaim your life.


Mental health as a concept has been ignored for a long time. That’s why people with Trauma, anxiety, and anger issues have been kept away from psychotherapies for long enough. Proper treatment wasn’t approachable earlier, but times are different now. Whether you’re looking for Therapy for Anger Management or EMDR Therapy for Anxiety, we can help you with our online therapy sessions. Get in touch today and overcome your fears, anxiety, and depression. We are here!


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