Creative Ways to Earn Free Bitcoin Today


Nowadays, cryptocurrency has so much popularity that many industries have made it a part of their operations. Thanks to this, the value of cryptocurrency is getting higher and higher. 

Moreover, many platforms appeared that help people who are interested in cryptocurrencies to receive some without wasting their own digital currencies.

In this article, you will learn how to earn free crypto, starting from Bitcoin faucet websites to buying NFTs. Let’s have a look at the most popular ways for earning crypto and choose the ones that best suit your needs!

1.Bitcoin faucet

One of the best ways to earn free crypto is to use a Bitcoin faucet platform. But what is a Bitcoin faucet? 

Simply put, the Bitcoin faucet is a platform for generating small sums of crypto regularly for completing easy and quick tasks. The great thing about crypto faucets is that they don’t require a high skill set to complete the tasks, as they are repetitive and monotonous. 

By completing one task, you won’t have a notable income, but if you start using faucet websites regularly, you will definitely get your desired income. 

Here are just a few examples of tasks that you can get when using crypto faucets: watching videos, viewing digital ads, completing CAPTCHAs, taking part in quizzes, and more. 

The type of task and the amount of the earned crypto depends on the crypto faucet platform. However, in general, the amounts are small. You should complete as many tasks as possible to gain more.

2.Participation in surveys

Another way to earn free crypto is to take part in various surveys by voicing your opinion.    There are hundreds of platforms online that reward their users with free crypto only because they participate in polls. 

You can find the survey by browsing these websites and finding the polls that are socially relevant to you. The polls include different subjects, including culture, politics, social concerns, etc.

3.Taking advantage of airdrops

An airdrop is performed by crypto platforms that give away free tokens. It may sound like a dream, but airdrops do happen sometimes. It happens when a platform has the goal to grow its user base or a developer tries to gain a following for a new cryptocurrency. 

4.Completing educational courses

Another great way to earn free crypto is by completing educational courses on various platforms. The phrase “learn and earn” sounds too good to be true, but, in fact, top platforms offer it! 

Here is how you can earn your free crypto by participating in different educational courses: watching videos of the course and getting free crypto as a reward for the completion of the course.

All you have to do is to sign in to the platform and start watching the video courses. However, it is worth mentioning that the rewards for completing courses are usually not very large, and the average is just a few dollars’ worth of crypto per course. 

So, if you want to get more crypto, you have to complete more courses.

5.Playing free games

Yes! You can, indeed, earn free crypto by playing games. Most games are available on the Apple App Store and Google Play. Search for them online and play for free after downloading. 

You will definitely find the game that you’ll enjoy playing as they include various types and preferences.

6.Buying NFTs that provide free crypto

Another great way to earn free crypto is to invest in NFTs that provide rewards to their holders. As a result, you get both the NFT and the free crypto as a reward. You can find dozens of NFT platforms that offer crypto rewards for buying their NFTs.

These rewards can come in various forms such as a percentage of the platform’s transaction fees, additional tokens, or other exclusive benefits. 

This presents a unique opportunity for crypto enthusiasts to participate in the NFT market and potentially increase their cryptocurrency holdings through these rewards.

7.Getting free crypto as a giveaway

As you can notice, the crypto market is now over-saturated. It’s not easy to stand out in the market. That’s why new projects try to stand out by offering generous giveaways. 

The project plans to host a competition where users can win their cryptocurrency token as a reward. In order to enter, participants typically need to complete a series of tasks to earn free tickets.

To sum up

There are several popular ways to earn free cryptocurrency, ranging from Bitcoin faucets that offer small sums of crypto for completing simple tasks, participating in surveys on various platforms to investing in NFTs. 

It’s important to carefully research and evaluate these opportunities to choose the ones that best suit your needs and financial goals.


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