Regina King Net Worth, Early life and Career 2023

regina king net worth
regina king net worth

Regina King Net Worth, Early Life and Career 2023. Learn how much Regina King is worth. She is well known for her acclaimed roles in both film and television. Look at her monetary success and professional accomplishments right here.

What is Regina King’s Net Worth?

Regina King is an actress, director, and producer. Her birthday is January 15, 1971, and she was born in Los Angeles, California. King’s career in the entertainment industry began when she was a young child when she made appearances in several television programs and advertisements.

She became well-known across the country for her role as Brenda Jenkins on the hit TV series “227,” which ran from 1985 to 1990. The actress has been a guest on many other TV shows, like “Poetic Justice,” “Higher Learning,” and “Boyz n the Hood.”

Regina’s on-screen and television performances have won praise from critics. She has won numerous other honors in addition to an Academy Award, a Golden Globe Award, and four Primetime Emmy Awards. King has received praise for her work in both production and directing in addition to her work in front of the camera.

In recent years, the actress has become a leading voice for social justice causes. She uses her platform to bring attention to things like the Black Lives Matter movement and the fight for gender equality in the entertainment industry.

Regina King Net Worth:

Regina King is an American actress, director, and producer. She is a skilled worker who has had a successful career in the entertainment business. By 2023, it is predicted that she will have a net worth of about $24 million.

Regina King’s Net Worth And Lifestyle:

Regina King Early Life:

The actress, director, and producer Regina King was born and raised in Los Angeles County, California. With her mother Gloria Jean, a special education teacher, and her father Thomas Henry King Jr., an electrician, she spent her entire childhood living in View Park-Windsor Hills.

She grew up with her younger sister Reina King, who was also an actress after her parents divorced in 1979. She attended Westchester High School, where she received her high school diploma in 1988. She enrolled in the University of Southern California’s graduate program after earning her Communications undergraduate degree there. 

She didn’t realize acting was her true passion until two years into her studies, at which point she decided to leave college to pursue her acting career. 

Film and Television:

How Regina King Maintains A $16M Net Worth As One Of Hollywood's Highest-Paid Actresses - AfroTech

Regina King is a talented actress, director, and producer who has established a name for herself in both television and film. Listed below are a few of her notable works in both mediums:


  1. Boyz n the Hood (1991) – In the role of Shalika, King made his breakthrough.
  2. Jerry Maguire (1996) – King portrayed Marcee Tidwell, the wife of Rod Tidwell (played by Cuba Gooding Jr.), for which she received critical acclaim.
  3. Ray (2004) – King played Margie Hendricks, Ray Charles’ backup singer.
  4. If Beale Street Could Talk (2018) – King played Sharon Rivers, the protagonist’s mother.


  1. 227 (1985-1990) – In this popular sitcom, King played Brenda Jenkins.
  2. Southland (2009-2013) – King starred in this gritty police drama as Detective Lydia Adams.
  3. American Crime (2015-2017) – During three seasons of this anthology series, King played a variety of roles and was nominated for two Primetime Emmy Awards.
  4. Watchmen (2019) – King played the lead character, Angela Abar/Sister Night, in this critically acclaimed HBO series.

King has also directed and produced several projects in addition to her work in front of the camera. Her credits include directing episodes of Scandal, This Is Us, and Insecure, as well as producing the HBO hit series Watchmen.

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1. Who is Regina King currently married to?

Ian Alexander Sr., the husband of Regina King, is not the same person. Before their 2007 divorce, Regina King was previously wed to Ian Alexander Sr. Regina King doesn’t currently appear to be married or involved in a public relationship.

2. Do Regina King have any more kids?

Ian Alexander Jr., Regina King’s lone child, committed suicide and passed away at age 26. King made a statement after hearing the news on January 21, 2022, praising her son for his compassionate nature and ability to make people happy. For King and her family, Ian King’s passing was tragic, and they are still in mourning.


Even though she has been in the entertainment business for a long time, Regina King has become one of the most well-known and respected actresses and directors in Hollywood, giving her a large net worth. 

She has won many awards for her acting and directing, which has earned her praise from critics and made her financially successful. Regina King has accumulated a sizeable fortune through her labor of love, talent, and devotion to her craft. 

Regina King not only demonstrates that one can succeed in the entertainment business through hard work and talent but also serves as an inspiration to aspiring actors and directors.


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