Mike Epps Net Worth, Early Life, Career 2023

Mike Epps Net Worth, Early Life, Career 2023.
Mike Epps Net Worth, Early Life, Career 2023.

Mike Epps Net Worth, Early Life, Career 2023. Find out how much Mike Epps is worth. Find out how the comedian makes money, what he has done in his career, and how he has made money through investments over the years.

Who is Mike Epps? 

Mike Epps has made a name for himself in the entertainment industry as an actor, comedian, writer, and producer. The comedian has amassed an impressive net worth over his two decades in the industry, leaving many people wondering what his net worth is.  

Mike Epps Net Worth:

According to estimates, Mike Epps has a net worth of approximately $5 million. As a comedian, he has earned a great deal of success through his various income streams, such as movies, television shows, comedy tours, and the sale of merchandise.  

Mike Epps’s Lifestyle & Net Worth:

Mike Epps’ Early Life and Career: 

Mike Epps was born in 1970 in Indianapolis, Indiana, and grew up in a rough neighborhood. Mike knew from an early age that he was naturally gifted at making people laugh, despite the challenges he faced when he was growing up.

Through his performances at local comedy clubs, he honed his craft and eventually attracted Def Comedy Jam’s attention.

Mike Epps’ Rise to Fame:

The big break for Mike Epps came in 2000 when he was cast in the movie “Next Friday.” The film reached over $57 million at the box office and became a commercial success. Epps was subsequently cast in several top-rated films, including Friday After Next, All About the Benjamins, and The Hangover, among others.

Mike Epps’ Movies and TV Shows:

Throughout his career, Mike Epps has appeared in several movies and television shows. 

He has performed in a number of notable roles, such as:


  1. Next Friday (2000)
  2. How High (2001)
  3. Friday After Next (2002)
  4. Resident Evil: Apocalypse (2004)
  5. The Honeymooners (2005)
  6. All About the Benjamins (2002)
  7. Lottery Ticket (2010)
  8. Jumping the Broom (2011)
  9. Sparkle (2012)
  10. Dolemite Is My Name (2019)

TV Shows:

  1. The Sopranos (2004)
  2. Def Comedy Jam (2006)
  3. The Boondocks (2005-2008)
  4. Survivor’s Remorse (2014-2017)
  5. Uncle Buck (2016)
  6. The Last O.G. (2018-2021)

Additionally, Mike Epps has produced and written several films, including “All About the Benjamins,” “Next Day Air,” and “Meet the Blacks.” He has also been in several comedy specials and has done a lot of stand-up comedy.

Mike Epps Stand-Up Comedy:

With his unique style and sense of humor, Mike Epps has established himself as one of the most prominent stand-up comedians in the entertainment industry. He has released several comedy specials and has taken part in a lot of international touring, performing for packed houses. The following are some highlights from Mike Epps’ career as a stand-up comedian:

Comedy Specials:

  1. Inappropriate Behavior (2006)
  2. Under Rated & Never Faded (2009)
  3. Funny Bidness: Da Album (2009)
  4. Don’t Take It Personal (2015)
  5. Only One Mike (2021)

Stand-Up Comedy Style:

Mike Epps talks 'The Upshaws,' working with Wanda Sykes

Mike Epps’ stand-up comedy style is known for its rawness, honesty, and unapologetic nature. He often incorporates his own experiences and observations into his humorous material.

As well as his ability to impersonate and speak in a variety of accents, he incorporates them into his comedy routines frequently. Throughout his career in the entertainment industry, Mike Epps’ stand-up comedy career has contributed significantly to his success and net worth.

Mike Epps Business Ventures:

Mike Epps has been involved in several business ventures throughout his successful entertainment career. The following are some highlights of Mike Epps’ business endeavors:

Clothing Line

“Uncle Buck’s” is a clothing line owned by Mike Epps that is named after his character in the movie “Uncle Buck.” The clothing line consists of T-shirts, hats, hoodies, and other apparel, and it is sold through various online retailers.

Production Company

He has also launched his own production company, called “Naptown Productions”. The company has produced several films, such as “All About the Benjamins,” “Next Day Air,” and “Meet the Blacks.”

Other Ventures

Throughout his career, Mike Epps has also been involved in the following businesses:

  • Restaurant ownership: He co-owned a restaurant in Detroit called “Chicken & Waffles.” The restaurant has since closed.
  • Endorsements: Pepsi and Samsung are some of the products and brands that Mike Epps has endorsed over the years.
  • Real estate: As a real estate investor, Mike Epps has accumulated several properties over the years, including a multi-million dollar mansion in Encino, California.

As a whole, Mike Epps’ business ventures have contributed to his net worth and have provided him with a diversified income stream beyond his entertainment career.

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A net worth of approximately $5 million can be attributed to Mike Epps’ achievements, dedication, and talent. Through his movies, television shows, stand-up comedy, and business ventures, the comedian has been successful in carving out his niche in the entertainment industry. 

Epps rose to fame after starring in “Next Friday,” and he has since starred in several successful films including “The Hangover” franchise. He has also put out many comedy specials, toured a lot, and started businesses in many different fields, such as clothing, production, and real estate. 

Mike Epps’ net worth is the result of his ability to diversify his income streams and invest in profitable enterprises. Overall, he is a great example for comedians and entertainers who want to get to the same level of success in the entertainment business.



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