King Von’s Net Worth, Early Life, Career 2023


In this article, we will discuss his rise to fame, business ventures, and philanthropic efforts which earned him a lasting legacy. Take a look at how King Von’s net worth has developed over the years as well as his impact on the music industry and the community at large.

Who was King Von?

King Von was a rising rapper who passed away in November 2020. The music industry as well as his fans will remember him for the lasting impact he had on them.

Even though King Von is still a young man with a short career, the amount of money he is worth has attracted much speculation and interest. 

King Von Net Worth:

According to estimates, King Von’s net worth was approximately $750 thousand when he died. Touring, setting up a clothing line, investing in real estate, and pursuing a music career gave him income.

As a result of his death, sales of his posthumous album, “Welcome to O’Block,” surged, debuting at number 13 on Billboard 200. Several of his songs appeared on the Hot 100 chart, including “Crazy Story 2.0” and “What It’s Like.”

King Von Biography:

King Von Early Life and Career:

The Chicago rapper was born Dayvon Bennett on August 9, 1994. He grew up in one of the city’s most violent areas. 

He had a mother who struggled to make ends meet and a grandmother who raised him during his childhood. It is noteworthy that King Von was raised without a male role model because his father spent most of his life in prison.

The involvement of King Von in gangs led to multiple incidents with the law as he sought to make money on the streets. After spending time in juvenile detention centers and being arrested for murder in 2014, he was eventually sentenced to prison. As a result, he was acquitted of the charges and used his time in prison to improve his rap skills.

King Von’s Rise to Fame:

As soon as he was released from prison, King Von began to focus on his music career and signed with Lil Durk’s record label, Only the Family Entertainment, in 2018. As he grew up in Chicago, his dark lyrics and unique way of telling stories won him a loyal following.

The debut album by King Von, known as “Grandson, Vol. 1,” was released in September 2019 and peaked at number 75 on the Billboard 200 chart. Following this, he released “Levon James” in March 2020, which reached number 63 on the same chart.

King Von’s Business Ventures:

Along with his music career, King Von had a bunch of business ventures. A couple of years ago, he launched his clothing line, V. Roy, which featured Chicago-inspired streetwear. Aside from investing in real estate, he owned several Chicago properties.

He was also known for his philanthropy, and he was a generous contributor to his community. The money he gave to local schools and events he paid for in Chicago was meant to encourage peace and unity.

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1. Who King Von was an American rapper from Chicago, knowing Von?

He was Known for his gritty storytelling style and was from Chicago.

2. How did King Von die?

A tragic altercation outside of an Atlanta nightclub resulted in King Von being shot and killed in November 2020.

3. What was King Von’s net worth?

It is estimated that King Von’s net worth at the time of his death was around $750 thousand.

4. What was King Von’s biggest hit?

Among King Von’s biggest hits was “Crazy Story 2.0,” which gained popularity because of its catchy beat and lyrics.

5. Did King Von have any business ventures outside of music?

As a businessman, King Von had several ventures outside of music, including a clothing line and real estate ventures.

6. What was King Von’s real name?

It was Dayvon Bennett who was known as King Von.

7. Was King Von involved in any charity work?

As a philanthropist, King Von often gave back to his community, including funding local schools and sponsoring events that promoted peace and unity in Chicago.

8. How old was King Von when he died?

The death of King Von occurred when he was 26 years old.


His impact on the music industry and his fans will last for years, even though he only had a short career.

While King Von passed away tragically and prematurely, he left behind a legacy and net worth that were impressive. 

Through his unique storytelling style and business ventures, he rose to fame from humble beginnings in Chicago’s South Side. Many of his fans value the music he produces and the clothing he designs as well as his philanthropic efforts. King Von will continue to inspire and resonate in the music industry and community even though he was taken too soon.


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