Why Round Glasses Are A Fashion Favourite


Right from the 1960s, round glasses, more affectionately known as the tea shades, have been a beloved classic. Especially with the fashion icons of that time sporting them with pride, including Elton John, John Lennon, and Ozzy Osborne, the same statement is being carried down the lane by contemporary stars like Kendall Jenner. All of them, known for their eccentric yet classy sense of style, had their reasons to love these circle frames. Here are a few of them you might find interesting.

Antique yet timeless

With classic appeal oozing to encompass those around, the vintage round glasses have come right around into the most popular list of eyeglasses and have maintained their dignity since. The extended functionality and versatility, paired with its cross-platform appeal, circular frames have been effortlessly flaunted by individuals worldwide, belonging to almost every field and profession.

From business icons and politicians to actors and comedians, round frames have been made their own by people from all strata. This explains the standard position it has assumed in the fashion scene.

Round glasses and how to choose them

Though round glasses have been described as a classic pick for those with sharp facial features and angulated face shapes, they can perfectly mold to compliment almost everyone. All you have to do is make sure that you choose the right fit according to your face shape, features, complexion, and personality. 

Choosing colors

Since you regularly wear your glasses for a significant amount of time, you should pay attention to how it adds to your complexion. Besides your face, consider the color of your hair and eyes, as they play a vital role. Here are a few basic yesses and nos as far as colors go to help you choose colors to accentuate your complexion rather than toning them down or overpowering them.

  1. Dusky complexions often tend to wash out with pinks and purples. This unique complexion is paired best with tortoiseshells, greens, browns, and neutral tones.
  2. Pale and peachy skin tones look best with a relatively darker frame. Bold and bright colors are good options too.
  3. For people with a pink undertone, blues, pinks, and neutral shades complemented the best.
  4. Blues, black, purples and other darcool-tonees glasses work well with olive comple,xions whereas neutrals and beiges do not look flattering.

How to style your round glasses

Though round glasses go perfectly with any style and outfit, it would still make a difference if you put in an added effort to complete your impressional attire. While you choose your frame, it is also essential that you consider your personality a significant role player in choosing your glasses. This is because the edges you pick add to how you portray yourself to those around you. 

For example, minimalist glasses often go well with a somewhat properly put-together outfit with varied textures. At the same time, a statement round frame can be made into an outfit with a simple white tee and no makeup. You can check out exclusive styling guides for tips on the same.

Don’t forget the add ons

With the current industry growing to include additional features to improve comfort, there are a couple of new trends you should look at before you purchase your glasses.

Makeshift sunglasses

Nowadays, leading specs specialists provide options to fix polarized glasses or similar options to your prescription glasses s so that they can turn into a pair of chic sunglasses once you step out in the sun. 

Bluelight filters

The current lifestyle requires almost everyone to work extended hours in front of digital screens and gadgets, significantly damaging the eyes. Through carefully deduced techniques, scientists have now come up with blue light glasses, which effectively filter out the harmful component of the light rays emitted from electronic devices. This minimizes the adverse effects of extended screen time, like dryness, itching, and strain on your eyes.

Over time, the round glasses have been victim to significant global trends taken up by various communities and cultural associations. Especially made famous by the hippie culture in the 60s, people have been experimenting daringly with different textures, colors, materials, and whatnot. Hence, this is a sign for you to consider them an exciting option next time you shop for frames.



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