Here’s Why A Luxury Leather Handbag is A Sustainable Choice


Handbags are an important part of any woman’s wardrobe. They need to be practical, after all, it needs to fit all the essentials but go beyond just practicality to be stylish too. On top of all of this, if you want to prioritise the environment, you can also put additional thought into the materials.

You may have noticed that almost all luxury brands prioritise leather. This is because leather is a rough, durable choice that is readily available to be handcrafted, and has been used for clothes and bags for years now. But is leather truly a sustainable option? You may think it’s not, as it is an animal product, but there are many reasons why this option is superior. 

Natural Materials

Unlike synthetic materials, a handbag created from cowhide can be viewed as naturally made since leather doesn’t use synthetics as fake leather does. Since genuine leather is made from natural materials, is breathable, flexible, and truly luxurious, and this is reflected in the price. Leather is so durable and easy to maintain that people tend to continue to wear them for every occasion and purpose because they never go out of style. Its one-of-a-kind sense of elegance and sophistication attests to its high value. 

Durable Option

When compared to bags made of synthetic materials, leather bags are extremely durable. Instead of purchasing a slew of low-quality bags that won’t last, it is wise and practical to invest in just one leather bag.  Luxury leather bags are made with strength and precision. The skilled craftsmanship ensures that your bag will last a lifetime. You can take it out without worrying about it breaking, and this is why leather makes for the best handbags for women. 

Water Resistant Choice

Due to its inherent qualities, leather is an excellent material for purses and bags. In addition to their patina and scent, they are built to withstand water. Most luxury leather bags are made to withstand being rained on. Additionally, the anti-fungal properties of leather reduce the likelihood of mildew or mould growth if the bag becomes stained or wet. With just a few wipes on a damp cloth or tissue, your leather bag can be easily restored.

A Breathable Fabric

Although leather bags are water resistant, they are not waterproof. This is because of its breathable nature, and this is why a leather bag is a great choice. By being breathable, it can eliminate any unpleasant odour caused by any trapped water, stains or perfume. 

Sustainable Option

Many businesses struggle to implement waste management strategies that are environmentally friendly. What’s more, leather has the high ground in decreasing by-products from an enormous industry around the world. When treating leather hides, the leather industry uses fewer chemicals than the synthetic materials industry. This is what makes these animal products a surprisingly sustainable choice. 

A Timeless Choice

The timeless nature of leather bags makes them viable. People continue to wear them for every occasion and purpose because they never go out of style. Its one-of-a-kind sense of elegance and sophistication attests to its high value. Genuine leather bags never go out of style and hold up exceptionally well over time, especially if you buy a classic leather option. 

Choose Louis Vuitton for Genuine Leather

If you want to make a sustainable handbag choice, LV Australia offers a wide variety of high-quality leather monogrammed handbags of all sizes for you to peruse. Long-lasting, durable and sustainably made, Louis Vuitton can help you find the bag of your dreams. 



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