Back to Basics

Back to Basics

At their Milan Fashion Week show, Dolce & Gabbana displayed a collection highlighting their strengths for the 2023/2024 season. Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana pioneered some of the most iconic fashion trends that have endured for decades: think of the color black as a closet staple, lace, and the three-piece suit. This collection returned to these central ideas with modern updates.

Dolce & Gabbana Goes Back to Basics for 2023

For the 2023-2024 winter season, Dolce & Gabbana is going back to basics. Domenico Dolce was initially trained as a tailor, so to him, the cut of a piece of clothing is the most fundamental element of a design. The collection for the season is called “Sensual.” Dolce and Gabbana want to move away from the term sexy, which fails to encompass the senses and the pleasure experienced through those senses. Instead, the term sensual refers not only to beauty but to charisma and the inner experience of each individual woman that makes her spontaneous and natural instead of posed to fit a particular construct or form.

Dolce & Gabbana Features Classic Black

Keeping in step with their commitment to returning to their original inspiration, Dolce and Gabbana have kept black as the feature color for this collection. While silver, gold, white, and red are also essential colors in this showcase, black has long been the iconic color of Dolce & Gabbana collections. For these designers, black symbolizes the mysterious elements that define feminine sensuality. Black highlights the cuts and designs that ultimately showcase the wearer rather than hiding the woman behind bold patterns.

Dolce & Gabbana Explores Opposites

A central focus of this collection is lingerie wear. The femininity and softness of lace, tulle, and chiffon create ideal shapes that celebrate a woman’s figure. While lingerie wear is having a moment in the fashion industry generally, it can be argued that incorporating sensual undergarments into everyday wear was originally a brainchild of Dolce & Gabbana that goes back to the 1990s before most other fashion houses were showing it.

This collection then pairs these intimate pieces with charming jackets of all styles. From a classic suit jacket and cigarette pants to bombers, spencer jackets, and menswear-inspired outerwear, Dolce & Gabbana explores how these seemingly opposite styles – the fullness of a jacket with the unveiling nature of lingerie – can pair to create a new definition of sensuality.

Dolce & Gabbana Is Craveable

The quality that sets Dolce & Gabbana apart from others in their industry is the craveability of the items in their collection. While some fashion houses focus solely on the artistry behind each piece, Dolce & Gabbana pairs art with wearability. When they design, Domenico and Stefano have real women in mind and intend that many of the designs they show will be available for purchase later. You can envision the styles you see on the runway ending up in your closet to stun on your next evening out or add an unexpected touch of elegance to your everyday look.


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