Who is Lamar Odom? Lamar Odom Net Worth

lamar odom net worth
lamar odom net worth

Who is Lamar Odom? Lamar Odom Net Worth.Discover Lamar Odom’s story with this informative documentary, and discover his current net worth. Find out more about his rise and fall, from his successful years with the Lakers to his struggles and financial setbacks.”

Who is Lamar Odom?

The former American professional basketball player Lamar Odom was born in Queens, New York, on November 6, 1979. Before the Los Angeles Clippers selected him to play in the NBA in 1999, he attended the University of Rhode Island. 

Despite playing for several NBA teams during his career, Odom is most known for his success with the Los Angeles Lakers, where he won two championships in 2009 and 2010. 

Along with his basketball career, Lamar Odom has also appeared on several reality television shows, including “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” and “Dancing with the Stars.” 

Lamar Odom’s Net Worth: 

It is estimated that Lamar Odom’s net worth will be around $30 million by 2023.

Lamar Odom’s Net worth and Complete Lifestyle: 

The Early life of Lamar Odom: 

Lamar Odom, who was born in 1978, lived with his grandmother after his mother passed away when he was twelve years old. Odom began playing basketball at a young age, and scouts recognized his potential while still in high school.

 His senior year was spent at Redemption Christian Academy in Troy, New York, following his attendance at Christ the King Regional High School in Queens.

After high school:

Lamar Odom attended the University of Rhode Island after high school, where he played for one year before deciding to enter the NBA draft. After the Los Angeles Clippers picked him fourth overall, he quickly showed that he was a talented player who could play multiple positions on the court at the same time. 

Odom played 4 seasons:

A four-year member of the Clippers, Odom was traded to the Miami Heat in 2003 after playing for them for four years.

Lamar Odom played alongside Shaquille O’Neal and Dwyane Wade:

How many children does Lamar Odom have? All about 'Celebrity Big Brother'  star's kids

It was in Miami where Lamar Odom played alongside Shaquille O’Neal and Dwyane Wade that the Heat made the playoffs in 2004. Odom’s time with the Heat was short, though, because he was soon traded to the Los Angeles Lakers.

Personal Struggles and Financial Setbacks

It has been a challenging time for Lamar Odom in recent years, despite his success on the court and in the entertainment industry.

He has had problems with drugs and the law, like being arrested more than once for drug possession and driving under the influence. Odom’s marriage to Kardashian ended in 2013 in the wake of allegations of infidelity and drug abuse.

After leaving the NBA in 2014:

Lamar Odom has been unable to find steady employment since leaving the NBA in 2014. In 2015, he spent a long time in a coma after he overdosed at a brothel in Nevada. Several reports indicate that Odom had spent much of his fortune on drugs and other expenses following the incident, which brought the spotlight to Odom’s personal struggles and financial circumstances.


1. What happened to Lamar Odom when he overdosed?

After being admitted to the hospital, Odom suffered 12 seizures, six strokes, and two heart attacks and was taken to the hospital. In his statement to Sutton, Odom said, “I was extremely hurt and almost in some sense afraid because somebody just attempted to kill me.”

2. Why was Lamar Odom in the hospital for so long?

In October 2015, it was said that Lamar Odom had several heart attacks and strokes after taking a deadly mix of cocaine, alcohol, and a sexual stimulant. He ended up in a Las Vegas hospital comatose and on life support.

3. What originally happened with Khloe and Lamar?

Kardashian announced her divorce in late 2015, instead of focusing on the health of her former partner, following the split in 2013beforeo Odom’s hospitalization. In May 2016, he had recovered, and the fashion guru filed for divorce again, which was finalized seven months later in December.

3. What is Lamar Odom known for?

It is well known that Lamar Odom was a professional basketball player in the NBA, particularly a successful player for the Los Angeles Lakers during his career.

It has been noted that he has appeared in a variety of reality television shows, including “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” and “Dancing with the Stars.”


A large part of Lamar Odom’s net worth can be attributed to his extraordinary talent on the basketball court, as well as the struggles and setbacks he has had in the past few years. 

Odom’s resilience and determination have made him a symbol of hope for those struggling with addiction and other challenges, although he may never return to the heights of his NBA career.

There is no doubt that Lamar Odom’s legacy will transcend the basketball court, as he continues to work on both his personal and financial situation.



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