From Junk to Treasure: How to Find Value in Your Old Car Parts


Old used cars, too many people, appear to be useless. There are, however, a lot of valuable parts that can be either reused or sold to generate money. In addition, when a car stops working, it is only a percentage of parts fail. Many other parts are still in full function.

When old cars are taken to the scrap yard, before the workers dispose of them, they make sure that they look for all the parts that are helpful. A lot of treasure can be found in old cars. Old cars hold so many treasures to a knowing eye. Salvaging a car before disposing of it helps save money for the next car.

Easy Ways to Dispose of Used Cars.

The easiest way to dispose of cars for many people is by using the scrap yard. In Fresno, California, there are a lot of scrap yards that could make a car owner up to 80% of the money on the parts compared to selling the car as a whole. As a result, car buyers in Fresno are able to buy car parts at affordable prices.

Selling used cars in Fresno is guided by the workers in the yard. The car can be taken from part to part to determine which parts have the most value. Not all parts cost the same. Some are more expensive than others, while others have more importance compared to others.

To save money, it is important to do comprehensive research because not all car buyers in Fresno are legal. Many people end up losing money by selling to illegal buyers. Legal and guided junk yards will lead sellers to more value in car parts. Illegal yards only lead to losses.

The Most Valuable Junk Car Parts.

Car parts are different in value. Ajunk car buyer in Fresno will look for different parts according to value In comparison, some parts are more valuable than others. Some of the most valuable parts include:

  • Platinum-made parts. Platinum is one of the strongest metals. Its value is high, and it lasts longer. The metal can be found near the exhaust pipe as it is used to control dangerous emissions. Its price per kilo is higher than many metals in the car.
  • Iron and Steel. Iron and steel are used to make most of the car parts, especially the engine. Engines in Fresno have a value of up to $5000, depending on the car. So it is a huge boost for a car seller.
  • Tires and Bumpers. The latter should be among the first things to salvage. Tires and bumpers have a long life if not damaged. Keeping them could work as spares for the next car or could work as easy money when sold.
  • Batteries. There is a lot of value in batteries in Fresno. Car sellers can sell the batteries if they are in good shape. The owner can also decide to keep the battery If they plan to buy another car and use it as a spare.
  • Car Electronics. Stereo systems and GPS trackers fetch a lot of money when sold to Fresno auto dealers and electronic shops. Of course, most of them depend on the brand, but it is an easy way to earn an extra buck.

All car parts that are functional in an old car are important and can be considered a source of income. Since the car is no longer important, the parts, at some point, will be important to either the owner or another person.

Bottom Line

When selling a used car, it is important to put into consideration that selling the car will fetch little money. Taking it out part by part will fetch more money. In some junkyards, the parts can fetch as much as double the price the car could have been sold for. Some parts are even worth keeping if the seller plans to buy a second-hand car in the near future. Replacing new parts of the car with junk is more helpful.


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