5 Common Myths about Online Roulette


Now online roulette is a very popular game. And any popular phenomenon will be surrounded by myths generated by people’s ignorance or their ignorance of how things are now in reality. Many gamblers lose their chances of winning because they believe in these myths. And we’re here to dispel them and show you how things are.

Myths and Reality

Below we will talk about popular myths. And then dispel them with the help of facts.

Myth #1: Martingale Strategy Increases the Chances of Winning Online Roulette

This is the most popular strategy where you have to double your bet after every loss. In this case, one win will immediately pay off all your previous costs.

Many use this scheme because they believe that they get more chances to win this way. But in fact, this is not entirely true.

The strategy works and applies to online roulette. It is suitable for those who have a large bankroll, as it can take a very long time to double the bet until it plays.

But the bottom line is that it does not change the chances of winning. No strategy can change the probability of a particular number coming up. The chances remain the same without applying the strategy. Martingale only allowed players to keep their bankroll for a long time and make a small profit.

Myth #2: There are Hot and Cold Numbers

A very popular idea. It is understood that there are numbers that fall more often than others in recent times, and they are called hot. And there are those on which the ball rarely stops. They are cold.

Those who play online roulette according to this principle are divided into two groups. The first bet on hot numbers, believing that successful numbers will continue to fall out. The latter, on the contrary, choose cold numbers, since sooner or later each number falls out, and the longer the ball does not stop on it, the more likely it will happen next time.

Unfortunately, this concept has no basis. Although there is even a strategy based on the principle of frequently falling numbers (the so-called Andrucci strategy).

The previous result does not affect the next one in any way. Especially if you play in an online casino. After all, here all roulette games work on a random number generator, which defies any explanations and patterns.

Myth #3: You Need to Bet on Half the Table, then You Will Definitely Win

Many players operate according to the principle: the more bets you make, the more likely it is that one of them will play. Essentially, this is true. The same can be said about outside bets in online roulette.

Many people make the maximum number of bets and wait for the results, thinking that in this way they increase their chances of success. The truth is not quite like that.

You will not get any guarantee that you will win if you bet on half the table. You will only increase your chances of winning. This behavior may even harm you. How?

If you mindlessly bet on everything, then you spend a large amount of money at once. Even if he plays 1, 2, or 3 bets (which does not necessarily happen), it is not a fact that the winnings received will pay off the initial investment. In such a case, the whole point of using this method disappears.

Myth #4: Strategies Are Meaningless

There is a category of players who do not understand at all why use strategies if they do not guarantee a win. In that case, they think it is better to play, hoping for luck.

This myth is born out of the fact that many of the strategies that exist today are inefficient, strange, or complex. They do not give the expected results, and the players, of course, are frustrated.

Strategies are a very useful thing. But they don’t give guarantees. Their meaning is slightly different. If you decide to play online casino roulette and use a proven strategy (for example, the popular Martingale), you will get the following benefits:

  • long-term profit in online roulette;
  • the ability to more rationally distribute the bankroll;
  • a more conscious approach to the game;
  • a game without excess excitement, with cold calculation.

Strategies teach gamblers to use their brains and manage their bankroll as efficiently as possible. They help to avoid excessive riskiness and give a person a manual on how to act. Many players feel calmer and more confident when they use someone else’s plan, and this helps to play more productively.

In addition, the process of inventing your strategy is a great exercise for your mental abilities!

Myth #5: You Can’t Win Much at Roulette

Many people think that online roulette is not a profitable game. This is understandable because there are no jackpots, player bonuses, or high odds. Payouts, even in the case of a successful bet, will be quite modest.

People with small bankrolls often give up on this game, hoping to try their luck at other games, such as online slots.

Roulette does not really please with big wins often. If you choose the European variety, for example, then the casino advantage there will be small (up to 2%), which means that the player has every chance to win in the long run. If you use a good strategy and manage your bankroll wisely, then you can get a good increase in your bankroll while having a good time.

But if we talk about big wins at online roulette, little depends on the gambler himself. He must be very lucky to play a large bet or several bets in a row.

Conclusion: the Best Casino to Play Online Roulette

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