Who is Drew Barrymore? Drew Barrymore Net Worth

Who is Drew Barrymore? Drew Barrymore Net Worth
Who is Drew Barrymore? Drew Barrymore Net Worth

Are you familiar with Drew Barrymore? With over three decades in the entertainment industry, Drew Barrymore is a well-known actress, producer, and director. Our discussion will focus on her net worth and how she achieved success.

Who is Drew Barrymore?

The iconic actor Drew Barrymore has been a part of Hollywood for almost all her life. She is a well-respected actor, producer, and director who began acting at an early age.

She has played a number of roles, from the original E.T. to her more recent projects, such as Santa Clarita Diet.

Drew Barrymore’s Net Worth:

It is estimated that Drew Barrymore’s net worth will reach approximately $125 million. A successful actor, producer, director, and entrepreneur, who has earned her wealth through various business ventures.

Drew Barrymore Lifestyle:

Drew Barrymore Early Life:

Barrymore was born in Culver City, California, on February 22, 1975, when she was 23 years old.

It is no coincidence that she was born into a family of actors. Her father was John Drew Barrymore, and her mother was Jaid Barrymore. During Drew’s childhood, her parents divorced.

Drew Barrymore Career:

Drew Barrymore has had a long and successful career in the entertainment business that spans more than four decades.

The actress started acting when she was young, and she quickly became a Hollywood legend.

During the 1980s popular films:

Drew was in several well-known movies in the 1980s, like Firestarter, Cat’s Eye, and Irreconcilable Differences. The most famous part she played was Gertie in “E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial,” a huge hit from 1982. 

Drew continued to appear in films as she grew older, including “The Wedding Singer, “50 First Dates,” and “Never Been Kissed.” Drew has worked on many successful projects, including the Netflix series “Santa Clarita Diet.” Drew has won numerous awards for her work, including a Golden Globe for her performance in the HBO film “Grey Gardens.”

Drew Barrymore Awards

Several awards have been bestowed upon Drew Barrymore throughout her career. Some of her most significant awards and nominations are listed below:

  • In 2009, she was awarded the Golden Globe for her performance in “Grey Gardens” as the Best Actress in a Miniseries or Television Film
  • For her performance as “Grey Gardens” in 2009, she received a Screen Actors Guild Award for Outstanding Performance by a Female Actor in a Miniseries or Television Movie
  • In 1992, “Poison Ivy” received the MTV Movie Award for Best Breakthrough Performance.
  • In the category of Best Actress for a New TV Series, “Santa Clarita Diet” earned the People’s Choice Award.
  • In 2004, the star was inducted into the Hollywood Walk of Fame

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Drew Barrymore Personal life

The public has been interested in Drew Barrymore’s personal life for much of her career. There have been several high-profile relationships in which she has been involved.

There have been three marriages for Drew. Jeremy Thomas, the Welsh bar owner with whom she had her first marriage, died after a few weeks of marriage in 1994.

In 2001, she got married again, this time to comedian Tom Green, but they soon filed for divorce. The couple had two children together during Drew’s most recent marriage to art consultant Will Kopelman, which lasted from 2012 to 2016.


1. Has Drew Barrymore ever produced or directed any films or television shows?

Drew Barrymore has made and directed a number of movies and TV shows, including the Netflix show “Santa Clarita Diet.”

2. What is Drew Barrymore’s overall impact on the entertainment industry?

The talent and versatility of Drew Barrymore, as well as her contagious energy, have made a big impact on the entertainment industry. The contributions she has made to the film and television industries have been recognized.

3. Does Drew Barrymore have her own production company?

The owners of Flower Films, an American production company, are Nancy Juvonen and Drew Barrymore.

4. How did Drew Barrymore make her money?

Drew works in more than one field. She designs clothes and cosmetics and even makes her wine.

She also keeps making appearances on both the big and small screens. It was said that Barrymore made $15 million per movie when she was at the top of her game.


The American actress, producer, director, author, and businesswoman Drew Barrymore has been successful in the entertainment industry. The actress is also a successful businesswoman. The beauty line she has developed, Flower Beauty, has been very successful.

Drew Barrymore is a talented and multifaceted person who has made a lot of important contributions to the entertainment industry and beyond. Her career and personal journey have served as inspiration for many people.


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