Important Things You Need to Know About Making Her Orgasm


Did you know that there are 10 types of female orgasms?

While any type of orgasm is bound to feel amazing, there are unique orgasms that you should know about. These orgasms are dependent on various sensitive spots including the clitoris, anus, and even your nipples.

If you’re trying to make your partner orgasm, it’s important to understand how orgasms work. This will give you the knowledge you need to give her multiple orgasms with ease.

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Different Types of Orgasms

As mentioned above, there are a few different types of orgasms that women can have. These include:

  • Clitoral Orgasm
  • Vaginal Orgasm
  • Blended Orgasm
  • Anal Orgasm
  • Sleep Orgasm
  • Nipple Orgasm

Female Orgasm Phases

The female orgasm is a process that starts with desire and ends in resolution. If you want to learn more about this process, here’s a quick overview for you.


The excitement phase is when arousal starts to build. This is where the heart rate increases and breathing is drastically accelerated. Blood will flow directly to your genitals, allowing you to prepare for sexual activity.


The plateau is the process where your body has accepted the changes. The vagina will continue to swell from increased blood flow while the clitoris will become extra sensitive. Muscle tension increases and breathing will continue to rise until the point of orgasm.


Orgasm is the climax of the sexual experience and is the shortest phase in the process. This only lasts a few seconds but includes a spiked heart rate, random muscle contractions, and a forceful release of sexual tension.


Resolution is the process where your body returns back to normal. This phase is paired with fatigue and intimacy with your partner.

Common Orgasm Misconceptions

There are a few orgasm misconceptions when it comes to female orgasms. However, the biggest misconception is that women orgasm easily through penetration. This is not the case as most women can’t orgasm with penetration alone.

The most common type of orgasm for women is the clitoral orgasm. This means that stimulation of the clitoris is what causes them to burst into pleasure. Incorporating clitoris play into your sexual routine is the best way to enhance the experience for her.

Benefits of Female Orgasms

One of the clearest benefits of the female orgasm is that it does not dampen your sex drive as much as the male orgasm. When men orgasm, chemicals are released to make them tired. However, women can stay active and aroused enough to have another orgasm with ease.

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