5 Revolutionary Ways Cosmetic Dentistry Improves Your Oral Health


The term ‘cosmetic dentistry” may denote something unnecessary and superficial. But Glendale, CA cosmetic dentistry services do more than improve the appearance of your smile. They also significantly improve your oral health. Cosmetic dentistry can identify and treat serious dental problems like misalignment, discoloration, and decay and, in the process, keep your teeth, jaw, and gums healthy. Here is a look at five ways these treatments can improve your oral health.

Gum Disease Prevention

Overcrowded teeth can be difficult – and even impossible – to clean properly. The lack of even spaces between your teeth can make it difficult for your toothbrush bristles or dental floss to reach food deposits, leading to the buildup of food particles and eventual bacterial growth. Over time, the bacteria can cause inflammation and gum disease. They can eat away at your tissue and bone, causing your teeth to loosen. Cosmetic orthodontic treatments align crooked teeth, allowing you to clean the pockets in between properly and avoid gum problems like gingivitis.                                                                                                                       

A Whiter, Brighter Smile

Staining foods and beverages – red wine, coffee, tea, beets, etc. – can discolor your teeth over time. You may then turn to over-the-counter whitening products to deal with the stains, but these treatments are often ineffective. When they do work, they can have negative side effects like increased tooth sensitivity. In-office cosmetic teeth whitening treatments are more efficient and safer. They can give you a white smile without tampering with the integrity of your teeth – maintaining your dental health.

Damage Prevention

While all cosmetic dentistry services are geared toward giving you a more attractive smile, some of these procedures inadvertently give you stronger teeth as well. Crowns, for instance, are designed to treat cracked or broken teeth – and they do. They also cover your enamel, protecting it from further breakage. Crowns also form a protective layer over your teeth to prevent the entry of bacteria, consequently lowering your risk of nerve infection.

Restored Bite Force

A compromised bite force can be difficult to ignore. If you experience pain when you chew food from one side of your jaw, your natural response will be to chew only with the other side. This, however, can cause increased wear and tear in the overworked side of your jaw. Esthetic veneers do more than cover stains, chips, and gaps. They can also improve the strength of your teeth, restoring your bite force and increasing the lifespan of the rest of your teeth.

Fresh Breath

As mentioned, crooked teeth are difficult to clean and can cause bacterial buildup. Over time, this buildup can cause infections that can lead to halitosis, otherwise called bad breath. This bad breath can be accompanied by other symptoms of infection that can make your mouth all-around unpleasant. Cosmetic dentistry involves using braces and other teeth alignment solutions like Invisalign that can help you resolve these problems.

Get the Smile of Your Dreams with Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry is about more than how your smile looks. These treatments can have a significant and long-term effect on your overall oral health. That said, there is nothing wrong with wanting a better smile, and it only helps that cosmetic dentistry has other benefits. If you want to change how your smile looks, you can start your journey to amazing teeth by contacting a cosmetic dentist today like Chicago implant dentist.


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