Top Foot Conditions Treated at AIRE Podiatry Studio


Various types of foot conditions present and cause various symptoms that might affect your working. In most cases, you experience pain and discomfort, which might affect your participation at work, especially if it requires you to walk or stand for hours. Therefore, if you are experiencing any of the above symptoms, you should consult a podiatrist to help diagnose and offer the best treatment for your foot disease. You can visit New York AIRE podiatry studio, especially if you are experiencing the above symptoms or you suspect that you might have a foot condition, so the specialist can evaluate which treatment plan works best for you. Below are a few examples of common foot conditions.


Generally, bunions are also referred to as hallux valgus and are mainly a deformity that usually interferes with the alignment of the bones that form your big toe joint. Therefore, the commonly affected joint is the metatarsophalangeal joint that connects the metatarsal to the phalanx. In most cases, bunions usually develop when the bones forming the metatarsophalangeal joint move from the proper alignment. Usually, these bones shift on the inner part of your foot, and the phalanx then faces your second toe. As a result, the condition causes joint enlargement and inflammation, thus creating a bump on the inner part of your foot.

Toenail fungus

It is a condition affecting your toenails, and it mainly occurs when a fungus enters between your nail bed and toenail, thus creating a conducive environment for it to thrive. You should also note that various types of fungus are more likely to cause the infection. Dermatophytes, especially mold, usually cause tinea unguium is the leading cause of toenail fungal infection. Of importance to note is that anyone can develop this foot condition, but your chances often increase as you age.

Plantar fasciitis

Plantar fasciitis is the swelling of a ligament that joins your toes to your heel. The plantar fascia also acts as a shock absorber to stress and pressure exerted on your ankles and feet, especially when walking, standing, jumping, or running. Plantar fasciitis can result from excess pressure exerted on this ligament, thus leading to tissue tears and inflammation.


It is a common condition that often causes nerve pain and mainly occurs when a nerve thickens. Usually, the condition can develop in any part of the body. Still, it usually affects the nerves in the ball of your foot between your fourth and third toe, a type of neuroma referred to as Morton’s. Compression and irritation are the leading cause of your nerve’s thickening and are mainly caused by wearing high heel shoes and shoes with a tapered toe box.

Sports injuries

It refers to the injuries your body incurs when engaging in physical activity or playing sports. You can also be injured during training, in an accident, or improperly using a piece of equipment or gear.

You can also schedule your appointment online at AIRE Podiatry Studio, especially if you suffer from the above conditions and others like Achilles tendonitis, custom orthodontics, and hammer toe, and receive prompt diagnosis and treatment. Doing so helps alleviate the symptoms you might be experiencing, thus improving your performance at work because you can stand and walk while working. You can also visit their website and learn how each condition is treated and some home remedies you can apply to promote faster healing.


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