Top 3 spring procedures at a beautician


Spring is a time of transformation, when you want to look young, beautiful and smile at the whole world. And this is also the time when the skin needs special care, because after winter, frost and dryness, it needs recovery and support. The best choice of procedures will always be PRX-T33 chemical peeling. In addition, we have prepared for you a selection of wonderful procedures that will help you recover and feel beautiful.

Facial massage

Today, procedures that make the skin young without the use of injections are in vogue. Facial massage is an effective method of maintaining muscle tone. This was appreciated by the clients of our service and they consider it very effective in the fight against signs of aging.

This procedure has been suitable since the 20s, it is harmless and very pleasant. Facial massage does not take much time – from 20 to 60 minutes, depending on the method and techniques used. Massage can be manual or with the help of rollers, gouache scraper. Also, during the procedure, masters can use various serums, creams and other cosmetics for care.

The result of facial massage is visible after the first procedure – the face becomes fresh and shiny. But to achieve the greatest effect, you should complete a course – from 6 to 10 procedures. Massage moisturizes the skin, improves muscle function and tones the skin.

Cleansing the face

Cleansing is a regular care for any type of skin, but it is especially important for oily and combination skin. There are ultrasonic, mechanical and a combination of these two methods of cleaning.

Modern face cleaning, even mechanical, does not injure and is almost painless. The main thing is that it should be done by a professional cosmetologist, who is easy to find with the help of our service in any district of Kyiv. You can read reviews and choose the best specialist. It will not be difficult for you to sign up either, as you can do it online.

The cosmetologist determines the skin type and the condition of the pores. Depending on this, he chooses the type of cleaning, gives recommendations on how often it should be done and, of course, how to care for the skin at home.


And will complete our top three – skin peeling. These procedures are just convenient to do in autumn and spring, when there is no scorching sun and you can renew your skin. With the help of peelings, the upper layers of the skin are renewed. After the procedure, the skin becomes cleaner, tightened, pores are narrowed, unevenness is smoothed.

Peels vary in depth. A good cosmetologist can determine which peeling is suitable for specific skin. Some peelings can be done 2 times a week, and some once every 3 weeks. In any case, the specialist chooses the course.

Love yourself, take care of your skin and this will ensure you look healthy and beautiful all year round!


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