Bingo or Slingo? The choice is yours!


Bingo has long been a gaming favourite among casino fans in the UK and today, one of the most popular ways to play is online, on a casino website. When you play virtual Bingo, you’ll be able to play whilst on the go, since the games are available to play on the casino’s mobile app. You’ll also find an unrivalled selection of Bingo games, with some intriguing variations and hybrids, like Slingo! This game is pretty new to the scene and combines the best of Bingo and Slots to bring you a fresh, exciting variant. 

In a game of Slingo, you’ll receive a Bingo card, and the aim of the game is to complete the card by matching numbers or symbols to those that are drawn and called. The added twist is that you’ll also find a set of slot reels that are covered with symbols or numbers that correspond with those on your Bingo grid. In order to cross them off, you’ll need to set the reels in motion and land a winning combination — known aptly as a slingo! 

There are so many exciting Bingo and Slingo games available to play online and to help you to choose which to play next, we’ve found a couple of fan favourites that we think you’ll like. Keep reading to find out more. 

Cash Cubes Bingo

Cash Cubes is a unique Bingo experience, since it features a 36-ball call variant. When you enter this game, you’ll receive a ticket made up of four squares — connected by trapezoids — containing 12 numbers. When a ball is drawn and called that matches one of your numbers, the trapezoid containing that number will turn yellow. The size of your prize wins is determined by how many tickets you purchase and therefore, the more you purchase, the bigger the potential wins.

In each game that you enter, there’ll be a prize up for grabs — four Cubes or House/Bingo and a Cash Cubes Jackpot Prize. There are also four Cube Collection features prizes that you can bag, so there’s great potential to boost your bankroll in this game!

The four squares on your ticket represent four cubes. Each time you mark off four numbers around a square, you’ll complete it. When this happens, the square will break to uncover a coloured cube. When a cube is released, it’ll fall to the bottom of the ticket and fill the first empty space. In order to win the four Cubes prize, you’ll need to be the first to break all the squares, releasing all four cubes from your ticket. 

Slingo Riches

Are you ready to try your hand at a game of Slingo? This game takes place on a five-by-five Bingo card grid and with a top prize of 200 times your initial bet up for grabs, you’ll want to get spinning those reels to be in with the chance of bagging that win! 

When the game begins you will start off with 11 spins and each time you use one, five numbers or symbols will appear in the boxes beneath your Slingo card. The aim of the game is to mark off a full line, creating a slingo. 

In order to win the game’s biggest prizes, you’ll want to keep an eye on the side of the screen, since this will show you how your prize could increase in value, each time you create a slingo. One slingo will multiply your stake by 0.10 times and each time you win another, it will increase by 0.10 times. If you manage to land the maximum 11 slingos, you’ll bag yourself the jackpot prize of 200 times your bet. What are you waiting for? Get spinning now! 


The beauty of an online casino is that there’s new games added to the virtual lobby all the time. This means that there will always be the opportunity to try something new, keeping you entertained and enhancing your gaming repertoire!


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