How to Become a Yoga Teacher


Yoga is a popular activity that can increase strength and flexibility. It has profound benefits for your mind and body. Those that wish to teach yoga should start by learning the practice, which can be done by completing a yoga course and certification to determine what kind of yoga you want to teach. Here’s an overview of how to become a yoga teacher and launch your online or in-person yoga class:

1.  Take A Yoga Class

The best yoga instructors are those that have studied the discipline. Yoga practitioners in ancient times had to follow gurus and absorb knowledge over several months. The guru would then invite you to go into the world and spread the message. While enthusiasts can follow their favorite yoga gurus, you have more options for learning yoga. The easiest route involves taking a yoga class from an experienced guru or online instructor.

You should strive to understand the yoga practice at a personal level. Worry about the instructor’s course after you have had a chance to practice yoga. Yoga has many styles and variations. Consider learning different styles like Vinyasa, Bikram, Ashtanga, and Hatha. You can take classes from different instructors to master unique styles and techniques. Apprenticeship programs can also help you grasp the techniques much faster. 

2.  Complete Your Training

Learning yoga personally will help you master the fundamentals of different styles. You will then become a skillful yogi capable of practicing whenever you want. To become an instructor, you should find a registered yoga school and enroll in an instructor training program. Instructor programs focus on teaching you how to train and coach other people. Stick to programs and schools that follow the guidelines provided by the Yoga Alliance.

You’ll find two unique levels for the yoga teacher training program. The first is a 200-hour certification program, while the second involves 500 hours of training. What you intend to teach after the course will determine your chosen program. Instructor training programs focus on physiology, anatomy, instructional techniques, and yoga philosophy. You can also pursue a specialty area, such as children’s yoga or prenatal yoga.

3.  Become A Registered Teacher

If you plan to teach yoga online or target students from different regions, make sure you become registered. A registered yoga instructor certification gives you internationally recognized credentials. Some areas require some teaching credentials before teaching. Registration shows you’ve met the minimum standard established for yoga training. You can apply for registration once you complete your yoga teacher course.

Becoming a registered yoga teacher involves application fees and annual dues. The application fee is a one-time payment, while the annual dues are paid yearly to maintain your credentials. You can also pay additional application fees to upgrade your certification to specialty designations like RCYT (children) and RPYT (prenatal). If you plan to teach yoga in a health/fitness center, consider certification in CPR.

4.  Determine Your Niche/Targets

Yoga teachers fall into different categories catering to specific groups. Some of the instructors have clearly defined niches they target. Some teachers instruct professional athletes, while others invite anyone looking to practice yoga safely. You should decide what type of yoga instructor you plan to become and work towards it. Yoga teachers can train individuals privately, schedule group sessions, or offer online courses. Many yoga teachers also have an onsite studio.

Before you begin teaching the yoga fundamentals you learned from your instructor training program, review how you’ll run the classes. Learning never stops when you pursue yoga. Each movement and variation aims to cause specific changes in your body and mind. Opening an online yoga class is more affordable than renting a building for your studio, but having both is the ideal scenario. You can leverage online traffic without missing out on walk-in students near your studio.

Trustworthy Online Yoga Classes

Becoming a yoga teacher is all about dedication and progressive learning. Before moving to the next technique or style, you should focus on understanding each. Stick to reputable yoga schools or online classes with experienced gurus and instructors.

Yoga instructors teach by example, so you must master the practice before sharing your knowledge with others. Choose a top yoga class with certified instructors and physical therapists. This will help achieve the goal of becoming a knowledgeable expert in specific styles of yoga.


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