Why You Should Go for Wine Tours

Why You Should Go for Wine Tours

Tasting wine is about 3 S’s, Smell, Swirl and Sip. Firstly, put your nose in the glass and smell the wine. In the second step, swirl, move your glass roundly to put some oxygen in wine and smell again. It will smell sweeter than before.

The last step is to take a sip of wine and try gargling in your mouth. This step is called aeration, providing the wine with more oxygen. Wine tasting is an art to be savoured drop by drop, bit by bit and sip by sip.

I discovered this unique wine-tasting formula at hunter valley wine tours. Wine tours are an excellent form of entertainment that allows you to spend time in a new setting and sample new flavours. Below, I’ll explore some genuine reasons why you should go for wine-tasting tours.

1. Taste New Wine Varieties

One of the genuine reasons to visit wine-tasting tours is that you’ll get a chance to try new varieties of wine. You’ll learn there are more than classic red and white wines available you may have never heard of.

Tasting different blend varieties will allow you to have more confidence and knowledge while ordering at a restaurant.

2. Gaining New Acquaintances

While roaming around the vineyards, you’ll get the opportunity to meet new people sharing common interests. You can meet both beginners and experts. As a newbie, you’ll enjoy conversations and forming friendships with beginners.

On the other hand, hanging around with experts will help you expand your knowledge of wine.

3. Expand your Knowledge of Wine Pairings with Foods

A wine-tasting tour is one of the best options to entertain yourself and expand your knowledge of food and wine pairings. You can learn some valuable tips on how you can pair some best foods with wine.

Let me give you an example; you can learn how to pair big soft red wine with chicken pasta and red meat. So next time whenever you visit a restaurant, you’ll very well know what to order with a big soft red wine.

4. Learn the Local History of Wine-making

An expert is always there on a wine-tasting Hunter Valley tour to guide you and help you discover the local history of winemaking.

Every vineyard comes with a unique history and a story helping you learn some interesting facts about that region.

You can discover how the vineyard originated and the challenges the place faced over the years. You can also learn at which temperature grapes are grown so that it can give a better smell, taste and colour of the wine.

5. Discover Wine Making Process

If you’re a person who loves to explore new things, you must go for a wine tour to explore the wine-making process. Here you can learn about each step required to make a bottle of delicious wine.

Before taking a sip of wine, you have to learn the process of stomping barefoot on grapes to ferment it to get an educational experience.

6. Observe Wine with your Senses

As I have told you before, tasting a glass of wine is all about smell, swirl and sip. Actually, you can get the chance to taste wine like that.

You will get to feel wine through its texture and destiny by tasting like this. I think you can observe wine with your senses in this way.

With your sense of smell, you can appreciate the wine’s various bouquets. And you can hear beautiful stories about wine with your sense of hearing. Lastly, you can taste the soul of wine with the sense of your taste.

Wrapping Up

Ohh!! I forgot to add the main reason for having a wine tour. It can alleviate your stress and offer a bit of out of the world experience. Now I gave given you some genuine reasons to do some Extraordinary in your life.

So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and check out the best wine tour. However, it will be worth going for wine tours in Hunter Valley to enjoy a memorable experience. It is Australia’s oldest wine-making place with an international reputation for acclaimed hand-crafted wines.


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