What You Need to Know When Shipping Your Car

What You Need to Know When Shipping Your Car

Apart from shipping a vehicle when someone plans to move to a new location, other reasons such as surprise deliveries, getting an injury, or showing appearances may force you to transport it. Regardless of your delivery reason, it is crucial to have a basic understanding of various shipping aspects. This enables you to hire a reliable and trustworthy person to transport your car. You should understand the following shipping aspects when planning to transport your vehicle.

Remember to Carry Your Vehicle’s Documents

Generally, shipping companies ask their clients to possess various documents as proof of ownership. Having these documents ready reduces the chances of any delays during the pick-up date. For San Diego auto transport, important documents you should carry include registration, valid identification like a passport or driver’s license, an insurance certificate, and a car title.

Apart from proving ownership to the shipping company, these documents can also prevent you from landing in trouble with the authorities.

Consider Other Factors Apart from the Price

Service quality is usually a crucial aspect in the transport sector, especially when it comes to moving a car across the country. The cheapest option is usually not the safest or the best when you want to move your car from one point to another.

Shipping companies usually charge their services based on the distance traveled, service level, and equipment quality. Although low prices attract most customers while making their purchasing decisions, they may be misleading, particularly when it comes to shipping services.

Consider Multiple Shipping Companies 

Some people usually need help looking for certain services since they need them once in a while. Since car shipping services may be expensive, you should consider conducting proper research on several companies. Crucial aspects you should check include licenses, years of experience, insurance, and online reviews.

You should also enquire whether the companies offer specialized services such as car covers, GPS tracking, oil drip covers, and floor mats. Besides, some shipping companies offer specific precautions for luxury and antique cars. Useful resources you can use to find the best service providers include online reviews, business websites, personal recommendations from family, friends, and colleagues, and your local car dealership.

Inspect Your Vehicle for Leaks and Other Issues

It is crucial to check your car for leaks and other issues before loading it onto the trailer. This is particularly important when transporting it for a long distance. One of the parts you should examine is your car’s undercarriage to ensure it remains in good working condition without any service issues.

Car issues can cause serious damage that may incur extra costs. For instance, leaking fluids in your vehicle can destroy other cars during transportation. If you detect any issues with your car, consider visiting a service center to fix the issue immediately. Besides, shipping companies may deny you their services for failing to fix certain issues with your vehicle, for instance, a leaking problem.

Understand Loading Procedures

A car is usually an expensive investment that needs adequate care. Therefore, it is important to know the loading procedures used by the shipping company that you choose, since different cars have different loading needs. For instance, you may be required to remove side view mirrors when transporting large trucks.

Moreover, trailers must also follow certain height rules to guarantee the safety of other motorists. Luxury or classic cars also require extra care to prevent damage that may reduce the car’s value. Making mistakes while shipping your car can cause serious damage that may reduce its value and cost more money. Being cautious while selecting a shipping company guarantees the safety and reliability needed as you move your vehicle from one point to another.


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