How To Have Safe Sex


Having sex is one of the most normal, natural things that we as people can do. However, making sure that you do it safely is extremely important. It’s not just about having a good time, as those moments of pleasure could turn into big health issues later on down the line. Lots of people like to look at porn sites like before doing the deed so that they can know what to do. But there may be some steps missed out for the purposes of keeping the footage “sexy”. So, if you want to know how to have safe sex, keep reading… 

Consent Is Key

Consent is vital for sex, and it’s needs to be explicitly given by all parties involved. It’s important to remember that consent can be revoked at any point during sex as well. So, if your partner says to stop, then you need to do that straight away. You don’t need to get a written contract or anything beforehand to say that you’re both happy to have sex, but it’s crucial that you’re both clear with each other that it’s okay to continue. Checking in with the other person is also a good way to go about obtaining their consent. People worry about it ruining the mood, but a simple question of “is this still good?” can be enough to reiterate their consent. So, make sure that you’ve given your consent and that anyone you’re engaging with has too. 

Protection and Contraception

Of course, contraception and protection are going to be the best way to ensure you have safe sex. If you’re going to be having sex with a person with a penis, then condoms are going to be your best bet. These are probably the most well-known type of contraception, and their ease of use allows them to be put on during the act itself. Preventative contraception like an IUD or the contraceptive pill can also be taken to prevent pregnancy. However, these won’t stop sexually transmitted diseases, so you’ll need to use some form of protection as well. If you’re both people with vaginas, you might think that you don’t need any form of protection. But this actually isn’t true. Unless you and your partner have both recently had a sexual health check up and only slept with each other, there’s a risk that you could still pass on an infection. Dental dams are quite common and can easily be placed over the vulva or anus to protect your mouth from any type of transmittable disease. So, protection is very important for safe sex, and you need to think about what form you need before getting down to business. 


Being clean is important before having sex, as it will prevent bacteria from being spread and causing illness. Although you may not think it, your body could have accumulated bacteria during the day, and this can then be spread to the person you’re having sex with. So, always make sure that you keep yourself clean and try to wash before and after having sex. Washing after is crucial too, as it will remove any possible bacteria. So, you don’t need to hop in the shower right away, but it’s a good idea to do so when you can. 

Having safe sex also means having great sex, so you want to make sure that you’re always keeping safety in the forefront of your mind. When you know that you and your partner are protected and consenting, you’ll find that you both have a much more pleasurable experience.


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