The Dos And Don’ts Of Online Mattress Shopping


When shopping for a mattress, most people are not quite sure how to approach the process. According to Forbes, shopping for a mattress in physical stores is almost like choosing a college: exciting yet intimidating and overwhelming.  

Imagine this. You walk into a mattress store and see multiple rows of mattresses in various sizes, shapes, and types. You also come across salespersons eager to pitch their recommendations, suggestions, and advice. If you find this experience annoying, you can opt to shop for mattresses online instead.

However, online mattress shopping is a whole different ballgame. While you don’t have to deal with pushy salespersons, no one can also provide information and assist you in making a choice. Fortunately, this article can be your guide in buying mattresses online. Just remember the dos and don’ts discussed below.


To ensure you end up purchasing the right mattress online, below are some dos and don’ts to remember. Let’s first start with the dos:

  • Do read online reviews 

Reading reviews can help you choose which online mattress company offers high-quality mattresses. It also gives you an idea about the mattress company’s customer service/satisfaction, reputation, and product quality. 

For example, suppose you’re shopping for your mattress from Keetsa or another well-known mattress company. In that case, you can search for online reviews discussing Keetsa mattresses and gain insight into their company reputation, customer satisfaction, and product quality. Online reviews will also help you compare whether these mattress companies have provided honest descriptions of their products. 

  • Be familiar with different mattress types 

Each mattress type is made from different materials, and these materials can significantly impact your sleeping experience. Thus, before you check out anything, familiarize these different mattress types to help you know which one is best for you. 

The following are the most common types of mattresses in the market:

  • Memory foam: It’s made from polymer polyurethane and designed to conform to your body, helping relieve body pains. 
  • Latex: It’s made from synthetic or natural rubber sap to provide more bounce and durability. 
  • Innerspring: It uses coils to provide strong support and a bouncy feeling.   
  • Do know the mattress size you need 

Perhaps you’re buying a new mattress because you now have a partner to share the bed with. Or maybe you need a new mattress because you now live alone and prefer to downsize. Or, perhaps your mattress is already eight years old, which is the standard mattress lifespan, and you wish to buy a new one of the same size as your old one. 

Regardless of why you’re buying a mattress, you must get the measurements of the size you need and take note of it when browsing for mattresses online. Some mattress companies also allow their customers to customize the mattress sizes to fit their needs.  


Now, let’s discuss what you should not do when shopping for mattresses online:

  • Don’t forget about allergy issues 

One important thing that most buyers forget when buying a mattress online is their allergy issues. Remember, you’ll be using your mattress for the next decade, so you must ensure that your sleeping surface doesn’t trigger your allergies.  

For people with asthma and environmental skin allergies, you may opt for a latex or memory foam mattress. Both are hypoallergenic and dense mattresses, leaving little room for dust and bacteria growth, and perfect for asthma and allergy sufferers.   

  • Don’t ignore the manufacturer’s policies 

Reading the manufacturer’s or mattress company’s policies is probably the last thing on your mind after you’ve picked the best mattress online. However, these policies could come in handy, especially if your chosen mattress is not what you thought it would be. Some companies offer warranties, exchange offers, and sleep-trial nights. Meanwhile, others may not offer any of these at all.  

For example, suppose you’re buying a memory foam mattress. Since memory foam mattress takes approximately 60 days to break in, the mattress company must include a 60- to 90-night sleep trial to give you enough time to adjust to your new bed. If the sleep trial period is over and your mattress still feels uncomfortable or too hard, you can use the company’s exchange offer to replace or return your purchase. 

  • Don’t skimp on the budget 

A high-quality mattress can be a costly investment. Although it’s ideal to only stick to what you can afford, it’s also recommended that you don’t skimp on your budget and settle with the cheapest mattress you can find. Remember, the price tag often reflects the quality of the product. The cheaper your mattress is, the less durable it could be. 

So, when it comes to your mattress, consider splurging a little bit. After all, you’ll be using this mattress for the next eight to 10 years of your life, so make sure you choose the best one to help you sleep better every night. 

Wrapping Up 

Shopping for your mattress online can be overwhelming and daunting. But if you’re aware of what to do and not to do, you can successfully make a worthy purchase. Remember, your chosen mattress can significantly impact your sleep quality for the next few years. So, make the most of your online mattress shopping and take your time and energy to choose what is best.  



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