How can Zodiac eyewear styles for 2023 put stars in your eyes?


As we enter 2023, we may do so with expectations for what the year will bring us. For those of us who made new year’s wishes on 31st December or 1st January, little did we know that the Chinese zodiac year of the water rabbit is yet upon us. 

Starting on 22nd January 2023 and ending on 9th February 2024, the year of the water rabbit brings the promise of longevity, peace, prosperity and hope. 

But what does 2023 have in store for our western zodiac signs? Zodiacs born in December, January and February will feel right at home in the winter zodiac season but this makes it a particularly important time of year for Sagittarius, Capricorn and Aquarius zodiacs to get the tone right.

Style will set the mood in 2023. As a starting point we can look to the zodiac stars of the screen and media to see how you can put stars in your eyes with the best eyewear choices for the year ahead.



According to western astrology, 2023 will be a bumpy ride for Sagittarians. Jupiter is in transit, meeting Aries and Pisces at different points throughout the planetary rotation. There will be a lot that Sagittarius star signs can learn about themselves in 2023.

During this period of self-reflection, the best eyewear choices for Sagittarians will be functional and versatile. Frame styles that offer comfort and performance will serve Sagittarius star signs best while they weather the storm of change, challenge and epiphany. 

If you’re a Sagittarius, avoid making a fashion statement in early 2023, but be open to new discoveries. Here are a couple of Sagittarius celebrities leading the way on functional style in 2023.

Hailey Bieber X Vogue collection

You could say that Hailey’s first collection with eyewear brand Vogue is the perfect collaboration. It’s not just a quality brand partnering with one of the most revered fashion icons of our generation, it’s also a marriage of understated style and comfort for ultimate performance.

Source: Teen Vogue

Bill Nye (the science guy)

If you know Bill (and I’m sure you do), you will know he is all about practicality and safety. An unlikely fashion model, recently he caused a stir on Reddit, with people asking about his stylish yet functional eyewear selections. 

Source: Reddit


Zodiacs born between January and December can look forward to a prosperous year ahead. In tandem with our Chinese zodiac predictions, this could be a very good year for the Capricorns of 2023 in terms of wealth, love and growth.

Saturn is bound for Capricorn. As it moves, it will return to the position it occupied when all Capricorns entered the world, so life-giving transformations lie ahead for this star sign. Capricorns can expect to enter a new stage of life, and to do so flamboyantly.

In terms of eyewear choices, this is not a time for Capricorns to shy away from the unusual, the quirky or the daring. Here are a couple of celebrities who effortlessly guide the way on leftfield eyewear trends that let true Capricorn colours shine in 2023.

Jared Leto

We can always rely on Jared Leto as one Capricorn who will always push fashion boundaries. Here he merges supersize frames, a variation on the Aviator style and a tinted lens. Bravo, Capricorn!

Source: Oprah Daily

Blue Ivy Carter

Can you be too young to be a style icon? The answer is no. Blue Ivy Carter was hidden in plain sight at the 2022 Oscars in true Capricorn style.

Source: Yahoo! Online


2023 will be a contemplative time for Aquarius zodiacs. Uranus and Saturn will be in violent, rapid motion throughout the year, which may feel uneasy. However, there is solace to be had in the certain things in life. 

Aquarians can find peace in 2023 by seeking stability from strong, reliable and trustworthy relationships. While the cosmic energy is shifting for Aquarius, it can be helpful to use what you know of the past to dictate the smartest moves for the future. There may be no immediate need for change. Instead, now could be an excellent time to let sentimental feelings in.

For every mood there must be a look. With all of this retrospection going on, a tinted lens eyewear choice could be exactly what Aquarius zodiacs are looking for. Here are a couple of celebrities whose style will help get Aquarians in the mood for a thoughtful 2023.


Harry Styles

Harry is the wistful star we always wanted but never asked for. Take a leaf from Harry Styles’s book of Aquarius behaviours. Live in the moment, be yourself but always be thankful for what has passed. Rose-tinted glasses aren’t always a bad thing!


Alicia Keys

Alicia practices gratitude very openly on social media. Watch her give us a throw-back to the early noughties style that brought her fame and prosperity with a blue tint, gold hoop earrings and a smile.

Source: Hola!

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