Top Ways to Protect the Life of Your Boat


As a boat owner, you want to protect your pride and joy as much as possible. Damage occurs in the open water and while it sits at the dock. Storage, theft and vandalism are all ways your boat can suffer significant harm. Here are some tips that will help protect the life of your boat.

Carefully Store Your Valuables

Your fishing gear and other boating accessories should always be locked away when you are not in your boat. Leaving items lying around or your outboard motor unlocked can be an invitation for theft. Protect your items by placing them in a lock box or store them away from your boat when they are not in use. If your boat is in a secure marina, it is still possible for your items to be damaged or stolen if you are away. There are multiple suitable options available to keep everything safe and secure.

Invest in Protective Dock Accessories

When you pull into the docking slip, your boat needs the right cushions for protection. A high-quality dock fender will prevent damage to your varnish, paint and overall hull. Your vessel is an expensive investment, and dock fenders are vital to maintaining its integrity. There are many durable options, and taking the time to select the right ones will be invaluable. If your dock does not have pilings, custom personal choices are available. 

Use a Boat Cover

Generally, most boats will come with a cover. If you do not own one, or if yours is damaged and leaking, you will need to purchase a new one. It will protect your vessel from wildlife and inclement weather elements when not in use. A good cover will prevent fading from sunlight if you need to store your boat for an extended time. It will ensure that any water does not collect inside and potentially ruin your seats or flood your deck.

Consider an Extendable Pole

A helpful tool that aids in docking and undocking is an extendable pole that you can use to reach out from your boat and easily catch the dock. It is an excellent way to avoid unwanted contact as you approach. It may be tempting to reach out and grab the dock, but a safer option is to use a pole to avoid catching your hands between the boat and the dock or falling into the water. Various material options are available, and some have multi-purpose attachments attractive to some boaters. It is a simple accessory that will be a valuable tool each time you take your boat in and out of the harbor.

Choose a Secure Marina

Public marinas are places where people coming and going have the potential to gain access to your boat. Double-check the marina’s security and select one with video surveillance and locking gates for after-hours. A good safety option is to add a security system to your boat. You can monitor it from anywhere and even activate a loud alarm to deter potential intruders. When you take these extra steps to safeguard your boat, you will feel more confident when you are away.

Guard Against the Sun

Protecting your boat from the sun’s UV rays is paramount to caring for your investment. Your boat hull and any fabric on your boat, like your seat covers, are all susceptible to damage. A boat cover is the easiest solution, but you may also consider storing your boat in a shed or garage when it is not in use. Using a good wax after cleaning your boat will help give it extra protection when you spend time in the sun. Like when applying sunscreen to your skin, the wax will protect your boat. It will also make it sparkle and shine; an additional feature everyone will enjoy. 

Maintain and Repair Damage

Maintaining your vessel’s integrity is essential, and keeping tabs on any minor damage will prevent costly future repairs. For instance, too much water exposure can have corrosive effects, so airing things out is crucial to avoid rust or mold. If you see minor dings in the paint, repair them right away. You can use sealant to improve scratches in your fiberglass. As with most things, routine maintenance will carry you a long way to avoid any serious and expensive repairs in the future.

Owning your pleasure craft comes with responsibility and care. You’ll want to keep your investment in excellent condition to maximize your time on the water. When you use these helpful tips to protect your asset, your boat will last for many years.


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