Benefits of Periodontal Reshaping


Whitening, straightening, veneers, and bonding are the most well-known forms of cosmetic dental work, but taking care of your gums is crucial. Even if your teeth are pristine, a beautiful smile may be ruined by excessive or irregular gum tissue. Many people seek New York periodontal reshaping to fix how their teeth appear when their gums are uneven or too large. Cosmetically speaking, periodontal reshaping is a life-changing procedure. The following are some of its advantages:

Helps get rid of a “gummy” smile

Excess gum tissue is a typical source of criticism about a smile’s aesthetics. When a person’s gums are prominent in proportion to their teeth, this is called a heavy gum line. It also causes the gums to protrude further, making for a gummy grin and a shorter, more compact look for the teeth. When someone smiles, most people prefer to see a complete set of teeth, not a strip of gums. Periodontal reshaping allows dentists to reshape the gums to complement the teeth better.

Gum disease prevention

More gum tissue means more places for germs to hide and multiply, leading to more plaque and tartar that a dentist can only remove. If you ignore a tooth infection, it may quickly spread to other teeth, weakening them. That calls for a hefty medical bill. Because of the gingivectomy, less tissue will be available for germs to colonize and cause complications. That is great news for your oral health.

Additionally, eliminating surplus gum tissue might lessen the likelihood of gum disease returning to the treated area. Gum disease is slowed by the contouring process and prevented from worsening.

Makes the gum line more uniform

Periodontal reshaping is a cosmetic dental procedure that helps smooth uneven gum lines. You might lose confidence in your smile if your gums aren’t correctly proportioned to your teeth. If crooked gum lines mar your smile, your dentist may correct the problem by reshaping your gums.

Effects last forever

Excess gum tissue cannot be replaced after it has been surgically removed. The outcomes of periodontal reshaping are permanent for the vast majority of patients. To prevent future gum tissue loss due to periodontal disease, individuals who have undergone periodontal reshaping must be dedicated to keeping their gums clean and healthy.

Develop a balanced smile

Periodontal reshaping may solve more than only the issue of excessive gum tissue. It may also fix problems, including an uneven gum line. Though the gum line is crooked, this issue might give the impression that the teeth are crooked. Your dentist may reshape your gums to provide a more uniform appearance by surgically removing small amounts of gum tissue. A consistent border around one’s teeth makes one’s grin seem more balanced.

Periodontal reshaping, which does not cause discomfort, may significantly enhance the visual appeal of your smile. Talk to a dentist immediately if you are self-conscious about your gums or your teeth seem too long compared to your gums, and you would want to learn whether periodontal reshaping is a good option for you.


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