How to Make Gold in Elder Scrolls Online


Elder Scroll Online is one of the most popular multiplayer games these days, and players need a guide to tackling various in-game challenges. Getting rich in terms of gold isn’t easy in Elder Scroll Online, but there are some tips to speed things up. If everything goes according to the plan and you follow these tips, you can effortlessly increase the gold per hour to around ten thousand gold coins in ESO, which is quite good. This ESO gold guide features methods such as crafting, looting, trading, gathering, etc. You may have to commit some crimes in the process, but everything is allowed in war. Here are some ways to make enough gold for all your needs in ESO.

Kill enemies

Although this isn’t a direct approach to getting ESO gold, it is better than wasting your time. If you opt for farming at the below-given locations, you will earn a good amount of gold shortly.


Deshaan is filled with the undead that you can kill to earn gold. The best thing about this location is that you can turn on the auto pilot mode to let AI takeover while you chill and watch those undead being sent to hell. 


Rivenspire is yet another gold farming location because hundreds of undead can be found there, and even beginners who don’t have any skills can opt for this method. Undead keep spawning after some time, which means you can kill them again and again for gold. 

Malabal Tor

This location also requires you to kill some enemies to farm gold. If you are already in the Malabal Tor, head to the Crimson Cove and kill humanoids there. 

Farming Valuable Sets

Beginners usually ignore valuable sets, but you should farm them where they drop. Almost all of these valuable sets can be sold on the in-game market at a good price. Some of the best value sets include Spinner’s Garments, Mother’s Sorrow, and Briaheart. Even if you don’t get a good price for them right now, hold on to them for some time until you find materials to improve them and sell them afterward.

Farming Chests

Earlier, getting jewelry was quite difficult because you had to wait for world events, but now you can get it by simply opening chests. These chests include valuable necklaces and rings. If you want to go with this method, use the Keen Eye passive ability because it will help you spot a chest effortlessly, and you can open more chests in a short time. 


Crafting is one of the favorite gold farming methods for both veterans as well as beginners because you can sell these items at the shop at a better price. Crafting is very diverse in Elder Scroll Online, and you should focus on weapon power potions along with spell power potions as they are always in demand. Check the market for trending items to craft them and make some extra gold. To become a good crafter, spend some money on a crafter set first, and don’t worry because this investment will be worth every penny. 

Harvesting Crafting Materials

Because crafting is so profitable, every second player in Elder Scroll Online is a crafter, and this makes it difficult for them to get their hands on crafting materials. If you are good at searching for those materials, collect them and sell them to crafters at a great price. To get the most out of this method, equip the right character and speed cap it. Invest skill points in crafting skills as well as collect harvest starts, and master gathers for gold. 


Of all the methods mentioned in this article, stealing is the most fun way to get gold and can be profitable if you are lucky. For this method, work on a dedicated thief build to make sure that you don’t get caught while stealing. 

Converting Writ Vouchers to Gold

This method is the most beneficial for crafters, but they need to spend a lot of time before making any gold with it. To receive writ vouchers, you have to complete master writs, and these vouchers can be exchanged with items as well as recipes to create items. You can sell items as you receive them or use recipes to learn to create new items and sell them instead at a better price. 

Converting AP to Gold

If you love to engage in battles with other real-life players, you will have alliance points in the bag that you can convert with items. These alliance points are quite difficult to get, so spend them wisely. Below are some methods to convert these points to gold. 

  • Go to your alliance base in Cyrodiil and meet a golden vendor there named Adhazabi Aba-daro, who appears on weekends only. You can buy jewelry and other items from there with alliance points but make sure to double-check what you are buying because some items can’t be sold later. 
  • Go to Burma, Cropsford, or to Vlastarus and meet vendors who sell specialized gears and buy the Cyrodiil set from them. This set can be sold as a whole or one piece at a time to other players. 
  • Find merchants and buy battleground supplies to sell them later at a profit. 

Converting Tel Var to Gold

 If you are rich with Tel var, go to the Imperial city and find vendors in the Alliance base to buy items with Tel var. You can get more Tel var from PVP and PVE zones near the imperial city. The Alchemy materials and Hakeijo runestones are found in Waxed Apothecary’s Parcels, and they are a good value for money. 

Playing the Market

If you don’t have a problem with waiting, this method is for you as you have to spend gold first to buy items from the market at a lower price and sell them when their prices go up. This requires a good knowledge of how the market works in Elder Scroll Online along with a good investment of gold. MMOpixel is your best option whether you are looking for in-game currencies of a large number of popular games or want to get power leveling services. 


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