Make Chinese New Year Memorable with Kueh Bangkit


Celebrating all special events is the desire of every person in the world. No one in this world wants to be dull and get bored on happy events. Similarly, people from China celebrate their new year all over the world with great intentions and happiness.

Are you Chinese and looking to make such celebrations memorable? Do you want to know how can you make this event memorable for you and your belongings? This blog will be helpful for you as we are going to share some tips and one of the best dishes to eat at such an event here.

What is kueh bangkit?

It is a particular type of biscuit that is made by using specific ingredients like Sago starch. Kueh Bangkit is not like other biscuits because of its different ingredients and baking process. You can’t make these biscuits unless you are experienced enough in understanding what to add to them and in what quantity.

Because of its unique taste and useful health benefits, it is liked by a lot of Chinese people. If you want to celebrate the New Year with your Chinese fellows, you should present these biscuits at any cost.

It will make them happy as well as let you enjoy with them. Also, it can help you in making your event memorable for yourself as well as for your fellows.

How can we make the Chinese New Year memorable?

It is not enough to present the above-mentioned biscuits if you want to make this event memorable. You should also take other steps to make this event memorable for yourself too. Let us show you here how you can do this.

By enjoying delicious dishes

Every person wants to enjoy some dishes and foods at a particular event. It is common to look for special dishes at particular events because people want to enjoy them. Similarly, you can enjoy Chinese New Year by tasting such dishes with your friends.

You should look for CNY goodies in your surroundings and get them ready to present to your guests. Doesn’t matter if you don’t have an attendant, you can also eat and enjoy these goodies by sitting on your couch.

Such goodies or biscuits will give you an extra sense of taste and let you enjoy the most. In simple words, you can enjoy this event even when you don’t have someone to celebrate with you.

By visiting relatives

For the Chinese, it is common to visit their relatives at these particular events. The reason is they want to enjoy the happiness of the event by sharing love and care with others. To make this event memorable, you can also do the same.

You can visit your relatives or friends living nearby to enjoy the happy moments of this event. It is better to visit someone and spend enough time to make them feel special. By doing so, you will not be able to make them happy but also make this event memorable for you.

Celebrating a party

Another better approach to make this event memorable is by arranging a party to celebrate this event. You can either arrange a party or get involved in any other party to celebrate this event. Don’t be shy while looking for parties as you will get multiple opportunities in your surroundings.

The parties to celebrate Chines New Year are not only arranged in this country. But it is celebrated in almost all regions of the world on different levels. So, you can participate in any party for the sake of enjoyment and make this event memorable.

Where to get quality biscuits for CNY?

It is a common question asked by many people because there are many opportunities available on the internet. Keep in mind that you can’t get quality products to celebrate this event from every store or bakery.

But you have to search deeply and find the right vendor for this. Don’t you have enough time to do so? Don’t worry because we have done this and found the best platform for this purpose. We have examined Bread Garden and compared it with different stores available online.

They are offering premium quality products with 100% natural ingredients. You will never get harmful impacts on your health while getting their products at this event. Also, they are offering all their products including biscuits and goodies at affordable rates that make them suitable for everyone.


We have properly discussed the way to make the Chinese New Year memorable for you. In the above blog, we have also mentioned some meals and foods that can help you in this regard. You can easily choose any of these dishes to make this event memorable for you or anyone else.


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