Types Of Sushi

Types Of Sushi


Versatility is the beauty of modern times. If we travel into the past, then we might not be able to find several options, but modern times tell us a completely different story. Types of Sushi will help you understand that every product has several varieties. Therefore you will never run out of options. Now there are a few phenomena that will make you search a bit harder. Otherwise, you are doing just fine.


If we move towards the food sector, then we will learn that although ranging from the starters to main course and desserts, every category has several options, and most of the time, you keep track of the counting while going through these products, but on the other hand, these products have subtypes too. Thus to get the perfect experience, you should get a complete command of the topic. In this article, you will learn about the different types of Sushi.

A general overview of Sushi

The name Sushi is not unfamiliar to the people of modern times. But most of them might not have a clue what it actually is. Therefore we must walk you through the introductory details to give you a grasp of the subject. Sushi happens to be a common cuisine available worldwide. You will also find it in grocery stores and restaurants with a bit of change. However, the point of origin happens to be Japan, and it is prepared artistically.

A look at the general preparation

While preparing this extraordinary food item, we use the vegetables in cooked and raw forms. When combined with vinegar rice, the vegetables give the perfect taste. The Sushi is always incomplete until or unless you add some side garnishes. Most of the time, the used garnishes are made up of soy sauce, pickled vinegar, and Wasabi.

The evolution of Sushi

The current Sushi is completely different from the ones in the past. The definition of sushi changes over the change in the continents. Especially if we talk about the Asian regions, then there you will find Sushi to be salted fish served with fermented rice. Later with the passage of time, Sushi kept on evolving and took the shape that we know today.

The evolution of Sushi

The types of Sushi

The major categories of Sushi

As we all are well aware of the fact that there are different types of Sushi in town, therefore we must take a look at some of the major types for the enhancement of your knowledge. Below we have mentioned the two major categories:

  • Japanese styled Sushi
  • Western Styled Sushi

Some other important types of Sushi

Those mentioned above are the origin-based division of the famous food item. But if we look, we will learn that there are six other types of Sushi also available for people across the world. In this article, we have shed some light upon these different types for the enhancement of the knowledge of our readers:

  • Sashimi
  • Chirashi
  • Temaki
  • Nigri
  • Maki
  • Uramaki

The unique nomenclature and detailed information

You might find the names of the above-mentioned different types of Sushi to be quite unique. Also, if you talk about the characteristics, you will find them different too. Therefore it is of the utmost importance that we walk you through their details one by one:

1.     Sashimi

Sashimi happens to be one of the most popular types of Sushi served in restaurants all over the world. The ingredients of this particular dish include the usage of raw fish. When the fish is cut into extraordinarily long slices rectangularly shaped. They are also termed Hira-zukuri. The garnishing is always conducted with Wasabi, soy sauce, and pickled ginger. These sushi rolls are finger-licking good.

2.     Chirashi

If you look up the meaning of the term Chirashi, then it will say “scattered”. The information tells us that they resemble Sashimi Sushi in several ways. This will surely peak your interest. Now let us move towards its preparation.

Thus the details help us understand that the major ingredient is none other than the vinegar rice. These rice are served in a bowl. Later they are topped with raw fish. Once the process is complete, the different garnishing materials are added to add some color. The garnishing is extended to fruits and vegetables too.

3.     Temaki

The cone-shaped appearance is the major difference between other Sushi and Tamaki Sushi. You put on some nori on the wrap and roll it. Later you will have to add some rice with fish and some vegetables of your choice. The general term for Temaki is “hand rolls”. You might find it difficult to eat Temaki with the help of chopsticks. The size of the roll is too big. Therefore it is advised that you go for eating with your hands.

4.     Nigri

If the Sushi in front of you has a moulded structure, then it is a Nigri. The moulded structure happens to be because of the moulded fish. This moulded fish covers the vinegar rice. The raw slices and rice are then served with the side garnishing. Also, many enjoy this type of Sushi with cooked or boiled fish, but the raw fish should be the priority.

5.     Maki

The commonly found Sushi is none other than Maki. This is cut in the shapes of rolls. The preparation includes wrapping of the rice with an extremely thin nori layer. Later on, raw fish is added on top of it. The whole preparation is enrolled to offer the finalized form. The filling might be replaced with other meat and vegetables instead of fish.

6.     Uramaki

In most of the scenarios, you will find Uramaki to resemble Maki Sushi. But there is a major difference. The rice is kept outside the nori forming the outer layer in this particular type. The filling, on the other hand, is enwrapped with nori.

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Different types of Sushi will give you an insight into the most famous food item in the whole world. This Japanese cuisine is one of its kind, with millions of aspirants. A person should taste this beauty for once in his or her life.


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