A Complete Guide To How To Style A Brown Leather Jacket For Men


Whenever you hear a leather jacket your mind automatically generates the picture of a black leather jacket. Although black leather-based jackets are more famous and regular, it’s an absolute fact that brown leather jackets have some undeniable charm.

Brown-colored leather jackets add style and a sense of fashion even when worn. Moreover, brown leather jackets are available in shades from dark chocolate brown to light tan brown, providing a person with many options. However, be careful with what you match your jacket with and what you wear underneath. Try out sequin shirts since it can give you a very original look but avoid shirts with many colors, or too aggressive patterns. Rather wear something simple like a white shirt. 

Before we get down to what we should wear with a brown leather jacket, let’s take a look at the types of brown leather jackets that are available in the market.

Types of brown leather-made jackets.

When it comes to styling these brown-coloured leather jackets, the choices are numerous due to the wide range of shades they offer such as light brown, dark brown, mid brown, metallic bronze etc.

These wide ranges of shades allow a leather-based jacket to be worn with many different outfits of various colours, as different shades of brown go with different colour schemes.

Let’s have a look at a variety of different ways in which a brown leather jacket can be worn by men.

Numerous ways for men to style their brown leather jackets.

The men’s fashion world is comparatively small and limited to that of women, but that doesn’t mean they always have to style themselves in a certain way or wear something in a plain manner. There is always room for experiments, which gives one space to try out different ways of doing stuff. The same applies to fashion in men.

Let’s explore all the ways in which a leather jacket can be worn by men.

Classic white:

Let us start with something simple yet classic. A brown leather jacket is always a smart layer option to add to a plain white shirt, to make it look all trendy and stylish.

You can pair this with blue jeans for the bottom with cool white sneakers and sunglasses. This whole outfit can be your go-to look for casual coffee dates or friends get-together.

Formal wear:

Leather jackets themselves speak “class” even when worn simply. So, they can be your go-to attire when planning to dress formally. Pair up your brown leather jacket with a formal dress shirt and a tie, with dress pants for the bottom. Complete your look with a set of Monk strap shoes.

The outfit is perfect for your office meetings and other formal gatherings.

Stylishly dapper:

Who doesn’t want to have a dapper style and look terrific? Your brown leather jacket worn with a turtle neck gives off exactly that look. Turtle necks are widely known for the elegant and glamorous look they deliver and on the other hand leather jackets are a statement piece of style, when paired together, the outcome is something straight out of a fashion magazine.

Complete this dapper look of yours with the help of black jeans, sneakers and sunglasses.

Casual and easy:

Pulling up trendy style while being comfortable is a dream for many fashion-oriented individuals. You can wear your casual, comfortable tees with a brown leather jacket and perfectly pull off a trendy look while being in your element of easiness.

There are some colours that really compliment a brown-colored leather jacket which includes grey, off-white, navy blue, white, emerald green etc. You can also choose the colour based on your taste.

To complete your casual look, team up your outfit with some sneakers or joggers preferably of the same colour as t-shirt, again you can wear any shoes that suit your taste and fit your comfort.


Types of bottoms to wear with a leather jacket.

Leather jackets go great with jeans and dress pants. You can switch the material of the bottom according to your taste or occasion

As far as colours are concerned blue, and dark blue jeans suit more with a brown colored jacket. For dress pants, light colours such as crème and grey make a good contrast with any shade of brown.

Apart from jeans and dress pants, one can also pair up their leather jacket with a set of sweats and jogger pants. These bottoms give out casual vibes and are perfect to wear for an informal meetup.

For shoes, a pair of sneakers or joggers with the outfit will add up the charm of a trendy yet casual look.

End note.

Brown leather jackets are an outstanding piece of clothing. They not only hold glamour and attraction but also add up a distinct vibe to one’s attire.

Hope this little style guide on styling a brown leather jacket in different ways with various pieces of clothing gives you new ideas to dress up for your next occasion.



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