How Can Demonfall Trello Help You Earn Money?

How to Play Demonfall Trello to Make Money From Gaming

Demonfall Trello is a prospective game you would want to know if playing and earning from games is your thing. Yes! This is an opportunity for all gamers out there, and this blog post will help you discover how to make the most of this chance.

The concept of gaming has changed in recent times. From a time-wasting hobby to a full-time career, the gaming industry has evolved in many ways. These days games have their entire ecosystem, story, and family revolving around them to keep players engaged.

Demonfall is one such game that has received much traction these days. It was released by the famous gaming company, Fireheart Studio and is based on a popular anime series – Demon Slayer.

If you are an anime fan and have seen the series, it will be very easy to understand Demonfall Trello and the gameplay. However, if you are new, most online articles will be hard to understand.

We noticed that people want to learn more about Demonfall Trello, the game, clans, and other related things in a simpler way. So, we came up with this simplified guide that covers nearly all the essential details you need to know as a beginner.

If you are looking for complete information about the viral game, please read till to enlighten yourself with various aspects like making money, clans, gameplay, Demonfall Trello, and much more. Let’s get started.

What is Demonfall?

As mentioned, the game is inspired by the popular anime series Demon Slayer. The series involves a lead character whose family has been killed by the demon and whose sister has been captured and converted into a demon.

The character is left on his own but isn’t defeated yet. He regains his energy, makes new friends, and finally gets strong enough to fight against the strong demon to release her sister and transform her into a human again.

Meanwhile, a lot happens, and the series is pretty interesting, but the basic story revolves around this concept.

Demon slayer is popular series with millions of fans, and Fireheart studio noticed this opportunity to create a game on a similar concept called Demonfall.

The game allows you to fight with enemies, go to battle, explore in-game features and resources, and, ultimately, you would ask to survive and grow your family clan.

You can team up with other players, farm multiple characters, and get in-game money. The game is much different from the one you have seen before. It’s much more like this NFT game like Axie Infinity, battler of mars, Thetan arena, or others.

Demonfall Trello is a different concept but simple. We have discussed it earlier in this article. First, please understand the gameplay to get the basics clear.

How Old Is Tanjiro From the Demon Slayer

How to play Demonfall?

If you are seriously interested in playing the game and becoming a professional, we recommend you check the controls before jumping into the story mode. This is how the game works for others who are just exploring.

Selecting the family

In the beginning, every player will get a last name/family name. They don’t allow you any random name of their choice.

Instead, you will find three free rolls in the customization menu. Please select the option on your favorite or preferred family clan type.

After rolling, you can learn about your favorite clan type. Some of them come with extra perks and benefits, while others don’t include any.

However, you don’t have the open to select, but it’s random. Here is a list with the percentage of chances.

  • You have a 0.5% chance of getting a Legendary family.
  • You have a 1% chance of getting a rare family.
  • You have a 2% chance of getting an uncommon family.
  • You have an 8% chance of getting a Legendary family.

You can check more details about the families and their exact bifurcation. Also, it’s self-explanatory, and you must start playing the game.

Type of characters in the game

All multiplayer battle games comprise a hero, a villain, and a few neutral characters. The same goes with demon slayer. First, let’s understand the characters and roles. Then, we will figure out your role in the game.


Slayers serve the Demon Slayer Corps and protect innocent humans from the merciless wreck of the demons. They possess fantastic swordsmanship capabilities and are talented fighters and heroes for those who cannot fight with demons individually. They work under the captainship of a demon slayer and know only one objective – kill the demon.


The next category belongs to demons who hold the game’s evil part. They were once a human but have lost their humanity and turned into maneater zombies, vampires, or ghouls. They are a massive threat to society but are extremely weak in the sunlight or near the wisteria trees. The best opportunity to kill them is in broad daylight.

How to Play Demonfall Trello to Make Money From Gaming


Hybrids are powerful demons who were once a slayer. They have been inspired by the powerful abilities of demons and chose the side of evil. You can even decide to become a hybrid, but you must cross 50+ levels and become a pure slayer.

The game revolves around these three types of characters, and it’s fun. Now that you understand the basics let’s explore the story.

The story

The story is simple and resembles a lot of the actual Demon Slayer story background. It starts in the forest where you have gone to collect firewood but more than usual time. When you return home, you find that the demon has slaughtered your entire family.

The situation leaves you in despair, anger, and fear, where you can choose a sword to fight for your safety and revenge or embrace death.

The next scene takes you beside your slaughtered family and facing the demon. You will face a lower-level demon who is easy to take over. If you fight, then you will easily be able to defeat him and will join the slayer’s family.

However, if you don’t wish to join slayers, let the demon kill you, and you will automatically join the demon’s side.


After this event, the game becomes pretty simple. You have to fight the other end and win the game. You will have the option to collect powerful characters, obtain valuable resources and weapons, and get experience to be the master of your side.

However, be sure about the side you wish to join at the beginning. Because later on, there won’t be any option to switch.

Exceptionally, you can choose to become a hybrid demon after crossing 50+ levels if you are a slayer, but there is no option to become a slayer. You have to restart the entire game.

How to earn money in Demonfall?

Collecting money or commonly known as farming, is an integral part of the game where you need to obtain cash to collect treasure and other essential elements to play the game—some ways of farming in Demonfall include:

  • Farming trinkets is a critical way to make fast money in the game. Trinkets are tressure items you often find spread around the village, which you need to collect and sell to villagers for instant cash.
  • Killing demons and selling their horns is also a practical option, where each horn can be sold for 25 yen, sometimes more.
  • Defeating axe demon in the white background of the cavern of white peak drops a demon collar that can be sold for around 200 yen each. This boss cannot kill you, and it’s an effective option to collect quick money. Make you kill other demons, too; otherwise, they will execute you.

Make sure you focus on collecting money from the early stages, or you will be left behind in the game and might lose your motivation to play.

List of all Demonfall clans

Demon fall clans or Demonfall Trello clans are the families you hatch into if you decide to be the slayer. There is a long list, and you might randomly become a part of any of these.

1. Legendary families

These families are considered at the topmost levels. There are almost negligible chances of you becoming a part of them. The category includes two families.

  • Kamado – 0.5% chances
  • Tsugikuni – 0.0% chances (it’s only available for the admins, mods, and devs)

The family comes with special perks that provide a huge gaming advantage but are extremely difficult to obtain.

2. Rare families

Again, the family has a pretty rare chance but better than the legendary families. You may become a part of this family if you are lucky.

  • Himejima –1% chance of becoming a member
  • Rengoku – 1% chances
  • Shinazugawa – It’s for slayers only; you can use your scent
  • Tokito – 1% chances
  • Tomioka – 1% chances

As the name suggests, the family is a rare type, and very difficult to become a member, but if you get selected, please don’t forget to use the perks to take advantage of the game.

3. Uncommon families

There are fair chances that you will be a part of this family. It also has additional perks but is not as good as the ones mentioned above:

  • Agatsuma – 2% chances
  • Haganezuka – 2% chances
  • Hashibira – 2% chances
  • Iguro – 2% chances
  • Kanroji – 2% chances
  • Kocho – 2% chances
  • Ubuyashiki – 2% chances

The perks of this family are self-explanatory. You will figure out more about them while playing. Check the detailed information about the family you are playing from.

4. Perkless families

Some perks for families exist in the game but don’t offer any benefits. However, they have immense potential to become full-fledged families and will provide perks later on.

  • Uzui
  • Takada
  • Kanzaki
  • Kanamori
  • Nakahara
  • Tsuyuri
  • Urokodaki
  • Terauchi
  • Kuwajima

Everything about Demonfall Trello

Trello is an ultimate visual tool that allows you to manage all projects, tracking, and workflow under the same head. It’s a tool that helps you to organize all resources related to any particular game, project, or company in the same place that anyone can access to acquire knowledge. It also allows you to add tools that people can purchase, and creators can make money.

Demonfall Trello is used to denote all game essentials available on Trello for anyone to browse and make a purchase. If you are confused about any concept or the game or looking for a rare object, then Trello might help.

Their Trello board includes numerous categories, including game info, step-by-step guides, skill trees, races, items, trainers, locations, special enemies, and many more. If you are a Demonfall fan, we recommend you browse Trello to acquire in-depth and updated information to help you play better.

Is Demonfall a good game?

Yes, Demonfall is undoubtedly a good and addictive game. It includes multiple items, levels, characters, an exciting story, an anime background, and more to keep players engaged. It allows them to live the game and connect better with game characters.

Suppose you are bored while playing the existing games on your PC. In that case, you must also try Demonfall if you have previously played farming games that include collecting, raising, and exchanging characters. You will surely love this game.

However, before you start, please read the crucial gameplay description mentioned above in this article. Don’t forget to share your experience with us later.

How Old Is Tanjiro From the Demon Slayer

Final thoughts

To summarise it in one sentence, we would say – that Demonfall Trello is a board promoted by the company where you can find all relevant information and tools related to the game.

It’s a fantastic website for Demonfall fans and allows them to explore the rarest characters that otherwise would be very difficult to find and purchase.

We hope you now understand Demonfall Trello, the family clans, and all other relevant information related to the gameplay. Indeed, it gets easier to play from here, but please focus a lot on the initial days of play.

What are your thoughts about this game? Do you like or think it’s violent and should be promoted? Please post your opinions in the comments below. Also, mention if we missed something important.


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