How to Go Viral: Tips for Winning the TikTok Followers Competition


The internet has fallen in love with TikTok, and there’s a new viral video every day. Of course, you want to get in on the action to help build your business or personal brand, but this platform is a busy place. In order to go viral, people have to see your video, and the site’s algorithms favor the most popular videos. Among the best methods to increase the number of users who see your video is to go to Socialsgrow and buy TikTok followers for a cheap price.

Once you’ve improved your following, consider these tips to create unique, entertaining publications with an improved chance of going viral:

Take Advantage of Relevant Trends – But Do It Quickly

TikTok is a mercurial environment where trends come and go over a few days. The best strategy is to log in every day and click “For You,” which will display a ton of popular videos the site thinks you will like. Or, you can click the “Discover” button, which will show a variety of sounds, hashtags, effects, and popular topics which you may use to attract more followers for TikTok

Not every trend will inspire you, and that’s okay. Ideally, you want to find a direction that fits well with your niche. If you’re a fashion blogger, you might do a makeover or style challenge. The most crucial thing is to pick a trend for which you can think of a clever, original way to add your own spin. If a trend leaves you feeling uninspired, move on to the next one until you have a fun idea that will bring you more TikTok fans.

Once you have that idea – pull up your phone’s camera function and start shooting. Remember, trends don’t last long on TikTok, so this isn’t something you want to shoot next week. If you can’t do anything until next week, wait until then to look at current trends to create the content which will bring you more followers for TikTok..

Use Hashtags to Your Advantage

It’s a good idea to regularly check hashtags related to your niches, such as: 

  • #coffeeshop and #coffee if you run a small coffee shop, 
  • #romancebooks and #romance if you’re a romance author, etc,
  • you can also search within the app for whatever hashtags are trending in your niche and run several searches on your best keywords that have the best perspective to bring you many TikTok followers. 

The platform shows you the number of views for each hashtag so you can get an idea of which are the most popular. Consider using a mixture of both high and low numbers of views, as most TikTokers will only be focusing on the highest numbers. Of course, those are the most popular hashtags, but that means everyone else in your niche will be using them to attract more TikTok fans too.

Unlike Instagram, this video streaming app doesn’t have a maximum number of hashtags you can use, but these do count toward the overall 300-character count for your caption, so keep that in mind. Generally, 3-5 hashtags are usually a good amount to shoot for, but going over by one or two is okay. With five hashtags, you might use two of the most-viewed tags in your subject area, then three smaller, more niche tags with less competition to allow the best reach of potential TT followers.

Consider Trending Audio

It’s easy to overlook the trending audio section, but make sure to avoid this mistake. Platform’s algorithm favors videos that use currently trending audio clips. If you find one of these that works for you, adding it to your video can help you get more views and followers for TikTok. Just watch any video with the audio you want, then scroll down and look under the caption for the musical note icon. Next to it should be text that says, “Use this sound.” 

Timing is Everything

Unlike other social media sites, TikTok’s algorithm doesn’t push content from the most popular creators but shows the most popular videos to more users which may be beneficial for you and will help you gain more TikTok fans. For this reason, we recommend posting clips frequently and regularly. Once a day is good, but be realistic about your ability to keep up with this schedule. If you can’t consistently post every day, try to find a schedule that you can stick to – every other day, every Tuesday at 9 AM, etc.

If you can post daily, try to pre-plan your content, so you never find yourself at a loss for what to post. Make a list of entertaining video concepts to try out. Another crucial factor is the posting time. Although mornings are generally good for posting on TikTok, Shopify has a list of the best times to do so. Examples might be:

  • 3 Ways to Wear Scarves This Fall;
  • 5 Scarf Looks That Never Go Out of Style;
  • 4 Interpretive Dance Moves I Do When I Smell Coffee;
  • 3 Ways to Cook Eggs You Never Thought Of.

Now when it’s your day or time to post, you’ll have ideas, so you don’t spend the whole time figuring out what to do. An even better idea is to pick a topic from your list, for example some kind of DIY, and then search the trending audio files to see if you can find the perfect song or sound effect to go with it. Browsing allows you to encounter songs or sounds you might not have thought of otherwise that could turn out to be perfect.

The time that you post is also important. Shopify’s list includes the best times to post on TT, but mornings are good most days. Some evening and afternoon times work well if you’re not an early bird. We recommend finding several times on this list that are convenient for you and making those your regular posting times to bacome ore attractive yo your potencial TikTok followers.

Be Consistent with Interaction, Too

Interacting with TikTok fans of your own posts and those of others’ publications is critically essential for building your network on the platform. Try to set aside at least fifteen minutes a day to do the following:

  • Reply to any comments on your recent posts. 
  • Being authentic and real is the best thing you can do. Posting generic comments creates two problems: Your comments won’t be fascinating, and people might think you’re a bot. Neither of those things helps to stimulate interest in your clips. Ensure you have checked whether you are blocked by some users.
  • Give sincere answers to questions. If it makes sense, give a detailed explanation when someone has a specific question about how to do something or about one of your products. People are more likely to follow and interact with others who are helpful or useful.
  • Follow other popular influencers in your niche and make sincere comments on some of their videos. Try to rotate through different influencers so you aren’t just commenting on one person’s posts each day but on multiple accounts to reach more potential TikTok followers.
  • Leaving a heart will work if you can’t think of an interesting reply.

Additionally, be sure to use call-to-action to encourage others to comment on your vids or answer questions. Again, don’t be generic – we’ve all heard, “Be sure to like and follow!” a million times, and it’s become as easy to ignore as wallpaper. Instead, ask insightful questions related to your video and offer incentives, such as giving a shout-out to interesting replies or trying your favorite suggestion on camera.


By utilizing these tips, you can help get more eyes on your videos and improve your chances of having one or more posts go viral and gain many followers for TikTok. You can also increase your viewership even more by buying fans.


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