Why You Should Travel by Rail in Canada


A VIA Rail trip throughout Canada is cozy, practical, and delightful thanks to the broad, dependable train service as well as the variety of price choices, offers, and travel packages. A train could indeed take you anywhere, whether your plans involve taking part in winter sports within the Canadian Rockies, visiting a sleepy seaside town just on the breathtaking Gaspé Peninsula, kayaking alongside beluga whales in Churchill, as well as exploring the diverse cultural as well as culinary attractions of Vancouver, Toronto, or Montreal with VIA Rail Canada.

Considering That Travel Entails The Journey And Not Only The Destination

While travelling by train could not be the quickest option, it may also be the most fun. VIA Rail vacations provide trips that cross the River St. Lawrence as well as the stunning Chaleur Bay from Montreal towards Halifax & Montreal to Gaspé, respectively. You’ll go off to sleep as even the sights of Vancouver fade into the background just on an overnight train between Vancouver towards Jasper, so you’ll wake up to the sight of snow-capped monoliths and countless miles of pristine wilderness right outside the window. You’ll see significantly more beautiful scenery from the train compared to the roads along the majority of trips. Large windows can be seen in the dining & lounge carriages, allowing passengers to take in the view as they have their morning coffee or meal.

It’s Something You Can Avoid

The closest major airport (in Edmonton, Alberta), which is four hours away by automobile from Jasper National Park within the Canadian Rockies, may be reached by rail, which will bring you directly to this mountain town. Explore the freezing depths of the Maligne Canyon on foot, go trekking in the summertime, or unwind just at Fairmont Jasper Park Hotel with a top-notch spa treatment. (Cialis) Take a thirty-minute shuttle ride up the mountain for Marmot Basin between mid-November through early May, where you can ski & snowboard on immaculate slopes with stunning vistas devoid of condo sprawl: Considering that this mountain is indeed a national park, rules protect it against heavy development.

An Urban Escape and an Outdoor Vacation are Complementary

Planning a weekend nature getaway with a Canadian rail trips in Jasper? Before the trip, spend a day in trendy, outdoor-friendly Vancouver, where you may shop, dine, and enjoy the nightlife. Beginning the four-day adventure across Canada? Before boarding your journey home, schedule a day for touring Toronto’s many districts. Instead, spend a night or two in Montreal to take in some live jazz, brush up on your French, or just browse the alleys of such a bike- & pedestrian-friendly city before beginning your nighttime adventure to charming Percé. 

It Feels Comfortable

Sleeping In A Cramped Bunk Bed Alongside Five Strangers Or Squeezing A Few Winks Next To A chatty seatmate may come to mind when you think about sleeper trains. However, long-distance traveling VIA Rail packages is by no means being roughing it; passengers may choose between snug cabins from one to 4 people with private toilets and accessibility to showers; double sleepers with bathroom access; and pleasant, somewhat roomy Economy class accommodation. The dining car is available to all passengers, as well as the dishes are excellent: Between pan-seared pork tenderloin over wild mushroom ragout & pecan-crusted halibut to wasabi slaw, take the train through Jasper to Edmonton. The best part is that you won’t have to sit in the backseat of a vehicle between a bunch of luggage or behind the wheel when traveling on VIA Rail Vancouver to Banff.

The Best Outdoor Destinations in Canada Are There

When it comes to links between large cities, Canada’s network of rail lines offers great ease, but it also offers great access to the country’s natural treasures. Take a train via Jasper up towards Prince Rupert in the summer. This fishing community is rich in First Nation culture and is well-known among nature lovers for its opportunities for outdoor recreation like whale and grizzly bear watching. Take the overnight trip from Montreal towards the rugged and stunning Gaspé Peninsula in eastern Canada, which provides a plethora of hiking, bicycling, and bird- as well as whale-watching options. Explore this same quaint coastal town of Percé, which is famous for its Percé Rock as well as Bonaventure Island. Alternatively, travel by train to Gaspé, which has a charming harbor, or go hiking in Forillon National Park, which has flat-topped mountains and forested valleys where jarring cliffs abruptly meet the sea.


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