Remove Underline From Link CSS

Remove Underline From Link CSS


The thing that every professional despises is nothing other than the fact of dealing with defaults. These default settings tire you. Thus if you remove underline from link CSS, you will feel much more comfortable. In modern times, the internet is the biggest necessity of any individual. Without the internet, you cannot move in this world. Therefore it is of the utmost importance that you are well aware of the different technical information.

Especially if we talk about web developers, we will learn that they deal with these issues more often than the rest of the public. Therefore they are always in search of shortcuts and tactics to tackle the prevailing issues regarding the default settings. Most of the time, they are successful in doing so. But other times, you will find it quite difficult for them to achieve the desired results. In this article, you will learn how to remove underline from link CSS.

Relaying proper knowledge regarding the internet links

Internet links, web links, or hyperlinks are the set of words and commands that are purposed to direct you towards a specific online location, material, or page. In modern times with the advent of different online platforms, it is observed that the most frequent way to share information with others is through the usage of links. These links allow you to share the desired information in its entirety without any change.

The addition of the hyperlinks

When you are designing a webpage, and you want to add some hyperlinks to it, then the job might not be very difficult. In fact, you can do so by selecting the desired text and linking the desired web address with the hyperlink option.

The default settings of the links

It is actually what follows that dreads the customers. By default settings, you will witness the hyperlink to be underlined. Also, the color is changed to blue. These settings are not very admirable among individuals. Therefore they tend to move to remove them.

How to remove underline from link CSS

Now removing the underline from the link requires special attention. Therefore below, we have mentioned a few details for the enhancement of your knowledge:

Getting information regarding the pseudo-classes

First of all, you must be aware of the different classes of link tags. Currently, there are four different types of link tags being practiced known as:

  1. a:link
  2. a:visited
  3. a:hover
  4. a:active

Different ways to remove the underline

  1. Now in these different classes, the only thing that you can do to remove the underline from the hyperlink is to assign them the text-decoration property of “none”.
  2. This is not the only way to remove the default underline. In fact, you can also do so by anchor element selector.

A detailed step-by-step guide to remove the underline

Now, if you want to go with the process of removing the underline from the hyperlink using the text-decoration settings, then you will have to pay heed to the below-mentioned guidelines:

Step 1

Start with the addition of your HTML to the desired section of the webpage.

Step 2

In the section, define the four different pseudo-classes of the hyperlinks with the desired text-decoration property.

Step 3

Now ensure that your followed pattern includes the perfect order of the pseudo-classes. You must make sure that the pseudo classes a:link and a:visited are the first ones on the list and are arranged before a;hover. The last one on the list should be none other than the a:active. The requirement is essential for cascading spreadsheet style.

Step 4

The last step involves setting the property value to “none”.

The scenario of Bootstrap CSS

If you are making use of Bootstrap CSS, then everything changes. Now the process will work slightly in a different manner. According to the shared default settings of the Bootstrap CSS, the link is only shown once the user hovers over it. This depicts that the link is in an active state. The underline in such cases will only be visible if you are hovering over it. Otherwise, the underline will not be visible at all.

Points to ponder

  1. There is a point that you should note down that helps you understand that the Bootstrap button class-defined links will never show the underlines.
  2. Despite the state of the link, you will have to add a little bit touch of CSS if you intend to remove the underlines from the link.

What makes the removal of underlining possible

If we look at the internet chatter, we will know that many people are wondering about the styling of the links and removing the underlines. Especially beginners in the IT sector and front-end coders are the ones that can be categorized as the aspirants of this information. The text-decoration property makes the removal of the underline much easier. But to ensure that you pull off the desired results, you must have the specified information in CSS and HTML.

Why is it necessary to remove the underlines

You might be wondering about the fact that why do people want to remove the underline from the links. Thus if we go through the information, then we will learn that a webpage is only visited if it is presentable. If the webpage is not presentable, then you will not find it to be visited quite often. The in-text underlines reduce the readability factor. Therefore the programmers tend to make sure that they remove these underlines to give the readers and visitors with the desired experience.

Staying up to date

It is of the utmost importance that you are updated with the information. These details are updated regarding the current practice. Still, since technological advancements are changing at the pace of light, you must consult at regular intervals to ensure that you do not miss any updates.

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Are you wondering how to remove underline from link CSS? Then the details mentioned above will guide you through every single step. All you have to do is pay heed to these details, and you will work just fine. We hope that you find the information beneficial and up to your taste.


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