What Are The Best 6 Ways To Meet People Online In 2023 By Livebeam?


It’s beginning to look like Christmas. Walking along the streets now, you’ll spot decorations on some windows, doors, and lawns. But this also means that 2023 is fast approaching. Do you have goals set already for the new year? If not, we suggest adding “Making new friends” to your list of resolutions. Why? Because over the years meaningful friendship has proved to be a way of maintaining and leading a healthy and happy life. 

But what is the best way of meeting new people online? 

Keep reading to find out!

  • Use social media apps and sites 

The thought of interacting online might not be appealing if you haven’t used apps or sites to meet new people. The alternative, however, is to endure isolation alone. And considering how crucial genuine human connection is for mental well-being, that’s possibly not the best idea ever.

There are different platforms you can use to meet new people online. You should pick a platform that supports your objectives from the many available for making friends online. Let’s look at Livebeam as an example.

  • Livebeam

Livebeam is a fast-growing communication platform that is designed to help people meet and make new acquaintances they can share thoughts and feelings with. You can easily meet someone new on this platform because people visit the site daily looking for connections with new individuals that can inspire them or teach them something new.

If you are an individual with interests and hobbies, you can join Livebeam and engage with users through the group chat in a stream. The stream can be used for discussions or sharing of thoughts and feelings on a variety of topics.

Joining Livebeam is quick and easy. You can sign up with an email address or Google. You can also try the site for free just to experience its features for yourself.

  • Connect with the person you want to get to know

This is a very important step in how to meet people online. Send a message once you’ve decided who you want to be friends with! You can get in touch with them by asking a question, sharing something you related to from what they shared, or just expressing your support for what they said. After that, let the discussion develop naturally.

  • Create your profile on Livebeam wisely

You should make sure you provide enough information to attract new friends by selecting a username that describes who you are and creating a profile. Your bio on Livebeam or other platforms should have information that pertains to your interests and goals. Talk about your hobbies, what you’re looking for on the app, add a friendly line indicating you’re open to people contacting you are a few things to include.

  • Be open-minded when meeting new people

You may focus your search to be very specific when trying to meet new people online. You might come across a profile that you aren’t looking for and still decide to message them instead of scrolling through. Sometimes it pays to be flexible when looking for friends online. This is so that it can accurately reflect your experience in real life.

You never know who you’ll run into when you’re out in public. Sometimes the randomness of meeting new people is worth the while. You should adopt the same approachable mindset as a result when meeting people online through Livebeam or other platforms. You’ll increase your chances of meeting new people in this way. You can only truly determine whether or not the new person you meet is worth pursuing once you get to know them better.

  • Practice what you fear

It’s okay to experience fear when growing your confidence and putting yourself out there to be seen by people. This is the only way you are going to be spotted on Livebeam for example. If you are shy or often terrified of meeting new people, remind yourself that you are safely at home and go over the site profiles to find someone new you may like. Whenever you see someone whose profile matches your interests, you can reach out to them first, even by just saying “Hi” with a smiley emoji.

  • Work on your communication skills

You can’t think of how to meet new people online without effective communication skills. You’ll need to communicate with the new person you meet, communication is key to developing and maintaining relationships. So one way of meeting new people online is to ensure you work on your communication skills. Not being able to understand what the other person is trying to tell or interrupting them as they make their points may bring you out as weird and awkward. 


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