Everything You Need To Know About Taking a Ferry in Greece


The Greek transportation system is remarkably complicated, given the size of the country. One of the most common ways to get around the mainland is by ferry. Athens’ ferry terminals (Piraeus, Rafina, and Lavrion) serve as a major gateway to the Greek Islands. The Athens port of Piraeus is the main departure point for ferries. Nonetheless, depending on your final destination, Rafina or Lavrion may be more convenient ferry terminals. You need not worry if this is your first time boarding a ferry in Greece; there’s abundant information at Let’s Ferry that will help you understand how everything works. On this page, you’ll find a summary that will help you with the ticket process, boarding the boat, and more!

1.Book in Advance

It is strongly advised that you book your ferry tickets in Greece in advance. During the high season, ferry services may be overbooked, making it impossible to secure your preferred travel dates without advanced reservations. Getting a boat ticket is typically as easy as going online or calling a travel agency. Furthermore, being straightforward is the simplest way to save money on a boat trip in Greece. Before the limited availability of boat tickets runs out, you’ll have more options to pick from if you buy your tickets in advance. Because of this, you’ll be able to choose the best ferry company for your needs and budget and buy the cheapest boat tickets. Getting your reservations in early will help your ferry trip in several ways.

2.Check the Schedule

Making sure the boat will be operating on the day and at the time you wish to travel is another consideration before purchasing tickets. It is essential to double-check the timetables before setting firm plans. It’s best to go to the port at least an hour before your ferry leaves so that your trip doesn’t get off to a rocky start. Don’t let the thought of standing in line or dealing with stress ruin your holiday fun. In addition, if you’re bringing a car and haven’t yet picked up your ferry tickets, you should get there at least 90 minutes early.

3.Bring Your Passport

To take a boat in Greece, you must have your passport with you at all times. You’ll need to display it when it’s required, so carry it with you when you board the ship. Even Greek citizens are required to always have some form of identification on them and show it to the police if they ask to see it. You don’t know when you will need your passport, so make sure that you always have it with you.

4.Know Your Luggage Restrictions

Keep in mind that ferries typically have baggage limits while preparing for your journey. There might be restrictions on the quantity and size of the luggage you’re permitted to carry with you. You don’t want to have any problems at the ferry terminal, so before you pack, make sure you know how much luggage you can bring. The number of goods, size, and weight restrictions on luggage are different from one ship to another. If you’re wondering where to put your bags on most regular and large high-speed Greek ferries, the bag storage area is located below the deck. However, there are a variety of baggage racks on the deck or at the entry. You will be given notice of this and how much you can carry with you based on the size of the ship and the ferry agency.

5.Enjoy the Ride!

It’s time to relax and enjoy the ride after you’ve boarded the ferry. View the beautiful Greek islands from the comfort of your ship as you travel. You could even get to see dolphins swimming next to the boat if you’re lucky!

Greek ferry trips are always the best way to discover the Greek Islands and their beautiful landscapes. You will enjoy the weather, the beaches, the scenery, and everything else that is related to Greek cultures, such as their exquisite cuisine. Greek ferries vary in price depending on how many destinations you are planning to visit and the services that you want to be provided with. We advise you to plan your trip ahead of time and effectively manage your budget when you are all set to go. (thermi.com) You will have the most memorable journey when visiting some Greek islands.


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