5 Underwear Shopping Tips for Men


As an owner of quite a few well worn pieces of underwear, I can fully understand how hard it can be to either find the type of underwear for me or have someone get the right type that fits my ever changing body shape. 

There are quite a few factors, even a science behind such a choice as there are studies that have shown that the type of underwear worn by a man could have some effects on their reproductive health. 

Even the weather should be considered as weather patterns vary in different regions, and hence every area dictates the underwear that should be worn. If a person resides in a cold area, the underwear should be wool and fiber blends. If it is a hotter region, cotton underwear will serve better. 

Thinking about it, there has to be an easy way to choose the right undergarments to wear without falling into what has been said to be typical male behavior. It is said women put a lot of thought into choosing the right underwear, while men tend to just buy the cheapest ones in bulk. The idea is that underwear is concealed naturally, usually, therefore men don’t think about it as much or so people think. In reality, if there were easy to follow tips as to how to choose the right underwear for men then so much of the mystery behind making such a purchase would be no more. 

As fortune would have it, the tips that really could help men, and those who love them, find their best underwear fit – or at least the best look – is right here. So, I implore you to look a little bit further for the answers you seek. 

What Are The Tips Behind Getting The Right Underwear For Men?

  1. Choosing The Right Color – White shows stains easier than darker colors so most people would try to avoid it but if there is no real fear of messy underwear then the color white is a great choice as it is the color of purity, peace and neutrality. White goes very well with contrast prints and patterns. Black, however, represents authority, sexiness, sophistication and power. What is also important is that this color goes well with almost everything. In fact, a complete wardrobe could be built around black underwear. This color also suits every age and shape and is formal yet sexy and does not go out of fashion. There are some really deep interpretations with regards to purchasing underwear by color with regards to getting the right pair to match a man’s emotion and personality. Each color combination has its own meaning so making the right choices are doubly important. 
  2. Employ A Sizing Chart – It is extremely hard to get the right underwear sizing from store to store, website to website. This is where doing some through research could help in making the right purchase. From consulting the sizing chart of each new brand in consideration to searching for a brand name and sizing to see what customers have said, no stone should be left unturned in the quest to get the perfect underwear fit. Because, as most of us consumers know, a pair of large boxer briefs from one brand may be the equivalent of a medium or even an extra large at another.
  3. Make Note Of Return Policy – This is an important tip for any type of shopping experience but for underwear shopping is particularly useful. Return policies vary, but some stores will not offer returns on underwear for hygienic reasons – which is more than understandable. However it is important to be aware of this before any order is placed, especially if this is the first time ordering from this brand and thus are unsure of the sizing. However, there are lots of underwear brands that not only only accept returns but make the return process quick and simple. So focus should be placed on those if return policies are important to the buyer.
  4. Buying Underwear Function Specific – Whether it is for dates or any special occasion when going out. For lounging around sleeping or when a person is  walking around the house. Underwear has specific types for every occasion. Boxer briefs are known as the underwear to make a man feel good. It has an impressive appearance and is mostly worn by athletes for high-intensity workouts. Boxers are worn more for leisurely comfort in and around a domestic setting while briefs are more for outside get togethers and meetups. 
  5. Always Shop Per Body Type – Generally there are five official body types that each underwear company tries to facilitate: thin, fit, muscular, wide hips and a large waist. If underwear purchases are made with the proper size in mind for comfort and support then it would be done primarily based on the marrying of the right underwear cut to a man’s body type. For example, briefs are better designed for men with thin, fit and muscular body types while boxer briefs are designed to complement all body types.


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