How to Fix Furnace Problems: 5 Common Furnace Issues


Fending off the frigid temperatures of winter can be difficult. If you want to keep your home warm and toasty, then you need to realize the importance of a functional furnace. The furnace in your home is responsible for heating air and then pushing it through your vents. Allowing an HVAC service in Shoreline to maintain your furnace is a great way to lower the cost and frequency of repair problems.

There will come a time when your furnace stops working. Knowing the common causes of these furnace breakdowns can help you diagnose them in a hurry. Here are some common furnace issues you need to be aware of.

1.  Vents Getting Blocked

Before winter weather arrives, you should conduct an inspection of your heating unit components. Taking a look at your vents during this inspection is a great idea. In some cases, the vent registers can get closed. If your vent returns are closed, it will be impossible for warm air to pass through them.

You also need to make sure no furniture pieces are blocking the vents. Removing any obstructions can help you keep your home warm this winter.

2. Clogged Air Filters

Depriving your HVAC unit of air can be disastrous. Proper airflow is a crucial component your heating unit needs to work. If you feel like your furnace and heating unit are performing sluggishly, you need to check a few things. One of the main things you need to check is the condition of your HVAC air filter.

If this air filter is clogged with dirt and dust, it will need to be changed. Most experts recommend changing these air filters once every two months.

3. Clutter Around Your Furnace

In many homes, the furnace is located in a closet. One of the biggest mistakes you can make if your furnace is in a closet is putting clutter around it. Not only will this clutter cut off the airflow your furnace needs, it can also be a fire hazard. This is why you need to keep the closet your furnace is located in free of clutter.

4. Issues Involving Dirty Burners

Inspecting your furnace pilot light is a great way to pinpoint problems early on. If you notice that this flame is yellow, then it needs to be cleaned. Clean burners will produce a flame with a bluish hue. As soon as you notice this flame discoloration, you need to contact professionals. These professionals will be able to clean the burners in no time.

5. Damaged Safety Switch

Another problem that you might encounter with your furnace is a damaged safety switch. The safety switch is located on the door of your furnace. This switch will have to be activated for the furnace to turn on. Over time, this switch will start to wear out. Getting it replaced will require the help of professionals. Attempting to do this work on your own will only make matters worse, which is why working with an HVAC technician is a good idea.

As you can see, there are many problems that can prohibit your furnace from working.  


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