How to clean the skin of the body in depth?


Taking care of yourself is a ritual to be followed every day to improve your general well-being. In fact, if you cleanse your skin thoroughly with the right products, you will have a radiant, smooth and glowing skin, free of imperfections and dead skin.

Eliminating dead skin means promoting the natural process of cell regeneration that keeps the skin healthy and young. Indeed, the skin is the body’s largest organ and is always in contact with the outside world. Sweat, dust, external agents, but also microorganisms can settle on the skin and, for this reason, it is important to carry out a deep cleansing of the body at least once or twice a week using products suited to your skin type and needs.

For the deep cleansing of the body, it is recommended to use your hands and a body scrub appropriate for your skin type. In fact, it is best to avoid gloves and sponges, which could instead become breeding grounds for bacteria. 

Here are some tips to clean the skin of the body in depth.

How to exfoliate your body’s skin with body scrubs

To eliminate the old cells hidden deep inside the skin, a body scrub must be used. However, if the right steps are not followed, even the best product may not achieve the expected result and thus fail to clean the skin in depth. 

Pick up the best product for body exfoliation is not easy because, as can be seen in the range of body scrubs, there are so many types and different formulations for every skin type.

Before understanding how to exfoliate the body, however, it is important to be quite clear what a body scrub is and why it could be a game changer in your skin care routine.

Body scrubs: what are and how they work

A body scrub is a product that contains abrasive substances that remove dead cells and other impurities. As a result, the skin immediately becomes soft, supple and nourished.

Most exfoliating products are composed of natural ingredients such as salt, sugar or fruit stone fragments, which act mechanically on the skin when are applied to it with a gentle massage. 

In addition, body scrubs can be enriched with other substances that provide specific benefits. For example, there are body scrubs with coffee, which are particularly effective for refining the skin in the case of cellulite, body polishers with vitamins and antioxidants for an anti-ageing function, and others with honey and oils to promote deep hydration.

Salt or Sugar, what are the best body scrubs for your skin type?

Most scrubs for the body that do not contain manufactured, or synthetic ingredients are salt- or sugar-based. Salt-based scrubs have greater exfoliating power because the coarser grains are better in to smooth the skin, even in thickened areas such as elbows and feet. Moreover, salt is rich in trace minerals and also promotes the elimination of toxins, supporting the body’s purification process. 

Those with dry and sensitive skin, or who desire a softer exfoliation, may prefer body scrubs with sugar granules. The grains, which are less sharp than salt grains and smaller, are gentler on the skin, but are also a source of natural glycolic acid (an AHA) that helps the skin stay hydrated and smooth. 

4 steps to use body scrubs properly

Once you have chosen the most suitable exfoliating product for your needs, you have to get down to work and use the body scrub in the right way to have healthy, smooth skin and fight imperfections.

  1. The exfoliant works best when the skin pores are open, so before applying the body scrub, it is recommended to take a shower or bath with lukewarm water and a mild soap for about 10 minutes to make the skin soft and moist. Although having a bath or shower with hot water is very relaxing, it is best not to exaggerate with the temperatures since they tend to dry out the skin. 
  2. You can put some product on your hands and massage it over the body in gentle circular motions. It is best to start at the top and then move down to the extremities, focusing on the parts of the body where the skin tends to become double and thick and do not forget small areas, such as the underarm. To prevent irritation, do not apply too much pressure.
  3. You need to rinse the body thoroughly after applying the scrub so that all the dead cells and impurities have been removed.
  4. At this point, you can dry your body by patting your skin dry with a soft towel and apply your favourite cream. Now that the impurities have been removed, and the pores are deeply clean, the active ingredients of the moisturizer will be absorbed more easily.

Want to end your deep cleansing routine on a high note? You can remove impurities, dead skin cells and excess sebum from your facial skin with the steam from your shower or bath. You will instantly have glowing and visibly clean skin. Or, you can use the time for shower or bath to apply a purifying mask. For example, clay is a natural substance that balances the skin by removing sebum, while the minerals in clay are perfect to promote hydration and nourishing.

What are the benefits of body exfoliation

  • Promotes good circulation and counteracts ageing
  • Removes dead skin and other impurities 
  • Skin becomes softer and nourished
  • Prevents the formation of ingrown hairs and razors bumps
  • Uniforms the tan

If you want to maximize the effect of your home body care routine, you can go to a beauty salon to get a full body scrub, a professional and personalized treatment. In addition to using the body scrubs, you can also adopt the dry brushing technique. Massaging the body with a stiff, dry bristle brush can exfoliate the skin and improve circulation, but it is not the right method for those with very sensitive skin or in the presence of injuries, burns, moles or scars.  


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