How Do I Know if a Roofer is Qualified?


A roofer or roofing contractor performs maintenance or repair on your roof. They can even completely replace your roof when remodeling your home. They provide experts trained to complete construction and repair work at a height while ensuring the safety and durability of the roof. WIW Enterprises is one such qualified roofer that provides the best services.

Roofers require a license from the state government or licensing board. Only the roofers who qualify for this license should be allowed to change your roof. Otherwise, it will lead to a hazardous building or loss of finances. This article will explain how you can establish whether your roofing contractor is qualified. 

How to Know if a Roofer is Qualified?

There are various factors to verify if your roofing contractor is qualified and reliable. Look for the qualities below to know if they are suitable.

1.They Have a License

The first and foremost thing to check when meeting a roofer is their license. Legitimate roofers will readily offer their license to you. You can note the date on the license and check if it is still valid. 

For additional security, look up a list of all certified roofers in your state online and find the number there. If the roofing contractor does not offer you a license or tries to postpone it, you should look for a different company.

2.They Have Relevant Skills

After verifying the roofer’s license, check if their experience and skills align with the work you need on your roof. Feel free to discuss with the roofer their educational background and the qualifications of any subordinate workers. 

Looking for roofers with at least a few years of experience is best, as you can trust them more. You can also look for previous client’s reviews to know how their service is.

3.They Have Insurance 

A significant risk when working with a roofing contractor is that they might cause damage to your house or file a case against you if their workers are accidentally injured. You should get proof of insurance from the roofer that they provide comprehensive insurance to their client in such cases. 

Read through their documents carefully and learn what they do if they damage your property and equipment or in case of staff injuries. It will help you stay safe while you wait for your roof to be finished.

4.They are Ready to Sign Contracts

Any trustworthy roofer will be ready to sign a legally binding contract with you before they begin work on your roof. Do not proceed with the construction after a verbal confirmation, no matter how trustworthy the roofer is. 

Both parties must sign a contract clearly defining the work the roofer will do, the charges for the procedure, and additional insurance or exceptional cases. Verify the validity of this contract and what it offers you.

How to Know if a Roofer’s Contract is Trustworthy?

After you have a contract from the roofer, ensure it is trustworthy before signing it. You can check for the following things to know if you have a suitable contract.

1.Look for Safety Nets in the Contract

A legitimate roofer who is sure of their skills will provide safety nets to their customers. You should also request a mechanic’s lien along with the insurance mentioned above. 

A mechanic’s lien is a clause in the contract that ensures that you do not have to pay for the repair if the workers abandon it halfway or withdraw from the contract before completion. This clause will protect you from fruitless investments.

2.Check if their Experience Matches

It is not enough to have industry skills. The roofing contractors must also demonstrate that they can perform the specific repair or construction you need. 

Ask your roofer questions about the various procedures detailed in the contract and ensure they know what they are doing. Each worker who participates in your construction must be adequately experienced in completing similar projects.

3.Check the Timeline of the Work

An experienced roofer can calculate how much time they need to complete a project. There is always unpredictability, like heavy rain or equipment failure. However, they should offer an approximate timeframe for the completion of the construction or repair. 

You can check if the contract mentions such dates and know what to do if they postpone it excessively. It is best to discuss this honestly with the roofing contractors and arrive at a realistic completion date that works for you both.

Benefits of Choosing a Qualified Roofer

A licensed roofer can provide several benefits over dubious businesses. They are as follows.


The roof of a house is a critical component, and any damage to the roof can significantly endanger anyone inside. Thus, you must ensure that the roofing contractor who works with you can guarantee the topmost security. 

Their experience will help them know the best practices, and they will provide insurance against damage to your property.


It may seem unlikely initially, but licensed roofers have a lesser cost in the long run. You may find many unlicensed roofing contractors claiming to offer cheap rates. 

However, they will include hidden fees and dishonest means to deplete your budget. A qualified roofer not only maintains transparency but also protects your investments.

3.Quick Work

As mentioned above, qualified roofers estimate when they will finish their work. Their staff is qualified, and they use top-quality equipment, which speeds up their work. 

They will strive to ensure that your roof is fixed or renovated as quickly as possible while maintaining the strength of the roof and its safety. On the other hand, questionable businesses may delay their work indefinitely and continue charging you for more extended periods.

4.Long-Lasting Roofs

Your roof protects you from the elements and keeps everyone safe. Thus, it is impossible to repair it repeatedly after repetitive breaking and failures. It will be a hassle and compromise your safety.

Qualified roofers provide experienced maintenance. They use robust materials and make your roof durable. You can stay stress-free because their repairs will last for a long time.


You should provide your roof with only the best maintenance and renovation. It is best to employ a qualified roofing contractor, and there are various ways to check the validity of their license and contracts. After choosing a reliable roofer, you can sit back and wait for them to finish their work.


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